All Wrapped Up

Whilst I tend to avert my eyes to avoid looking at all the early manifestations of Christmas appearing in the shops from September onwards there are some things I love about the festive season, not least wrapping up presents.

Over the years there have been many themes including ‘pink & sparkly’, ‘Bollywood’ and ‘Recycled’, the latter involving lots of homemade papier mâché stars to adorn the parcels.

Last year was glamorous pink and black and the previous year saw a more neutral approach with handmade paper flowers which extended to some homemade crackers.

This year I’ve decided to make use of the bay and rosemary plants in the garden and go for a fresh, green look. Last night I could be found wandering round in the dark taking clippings to make a start on some prototypes. I’m planning to use plain brown paper for the basic wrapping but had none to hand so utilised small brown cardboard boxes left over from some lovely Merchant & Mills haberdashery items given to me by my sister last Christmas.

I’m quite pleased with the results so have now stocked up on green ribbons of various widths and some rustic fabrics and papers.

All I need now is to get on with some Christmas shopping so I’ve got something to wrap up!

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