An Invisible Zip

I’ve inserted several concealed zips in the past but only in a sewing class where there was a suitably qualified grown up to help me!  Left to my own devices I’ve always struggled to get it right and this was preventing me making so many of the things I wanted to.  I then discovered Tilly’s explanation in her book Love at First Stitch and suddenly it all became clear.  I’ve now done three in quick succession.

This is another fabric I bought in Ditto in Brighton which is a lovely soft tweed.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice as it is much brighter than this in real life.

Fabric 1

I thought it would fray horribly when it was cut but it was fine and I just finished the seams with a zig zag.

Here’s the zip.  It doesn’t seem quite straight in this photo but it looks fine on and how many people inspect the back of your skirt that closely?


Talking of Tilly, I’m about to cut out my second Coco top from this fairly heavyweight jersey fabric in a green and neutral stripe from The Eternal Maker.  My first one in a grey and white stripe turned out well but the funnel neck went a bit droopy after a couple of washes.  I’m hoping this one will be better at standing to attention!

Just the hem of one more winter skirt to finish off so I get the chance to wear it before the spring arrives.

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