Morsbag Update

There has been good progress on the Morsbags production front over the weekend. I’ve now cut out 20 bags and the handles are all stitched.

I strayed from the pattern on the website slightly for the construction of the handle and just ironed in a hem along each long edge, folded the handle in half and stitched along each edge. There is a tip in another video on the website to use a postcard to measure in from each side of the bag to position the handles which works really well. I’ve got one bag ready and waiting for the Morsbags labels which will hopefully arrive tomorrow.

I’ve really enjoyed a rather more casual approach to sewing. I usually tend to be a bit too fussy and careful but I’ve thrown caution to the wind and apart from a couple of pins to hold the handles in place there has been no pattern matching, pinning, tacking or unpicking! There has been lots of high speed straight (or reasonably straight) stitching and no worrying if things went a bit wonky. Unfortunately I did forget about the only two pins I did use and ended up trapping them inside the folded over handle. Thankfully I managed to poke them out without having to unpick!

I’m most pleased with the bags where I have used two or more smaller pieces of fabric which I’ve joined together. These pieces would never have been used otherwise and were just taking up space. There will be more photos as the bags come together.

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