Another Coco, a new skirt and a confession

I have to confess to failing to finish the Brighton Pavilion dress mentioned in my last post. I’m still trying to decide whether to sign up for Me-Made-May before the end of tomorrow and I will need that dress if I’m going to be able to get through a whole month wearing handmade items! If I was Hila over at Saturday Night Stitch with a fabulous new blazer I would be a lot happier.

Whilst sorting through my fabric stash for suitable leftovers for my Morsbag challenge I came across several pieces of dressmaking fabric that had been hanging around for a while. One of them, which I think came from Ditto, is some kind of stretch fabric but not a jersey, it feels a bit more like a thin neoprene to be honest! There wasn’t quite enough for Simplicity 2655 (which is a favourite of mine) so I had to make the facing from a small piece of brown polka dot fabric and my overall pattern matching wasn’t brilliant due partly to the limited amount of fabric and partly to a lack of attention to detail. The overall effect is OK and the design is so bright this will hopefully distract anyone from noticing the pattern matching.

Talking of bright colours, I recently popped into The Cotton Wool Store in Petworth and bought some bright green jersey fabric to make another Coco top. I’m not sure what has come over me recently because I’m not usually seen in bright colours or prints but I seem to have had a complete about turn recently. The top is not yet hemmed but I’ve managed to use another piece of lovely Liberty bias binding for the neckline and I was so pleased with the cuffs on the previous version that I’ve used them again. I think they finish the sleeve off beautifully and they are so simple to do.

On the day I was there The Cotton Wool Store was also holding a sale in the town hall and I just couldn’t resist a visit. I picked up two metres of this amazing silk for £8. It is quite a heavy fabric and the flower pattern looks like it has been printed onto the surface with gold paint. I’m planning a very simple evening skirt.  I think that with the very stiff nature of the fabric a dress or top would make me look like a cardboard cut out!

Fabulous Fabric

On the Morsbags front, the current tally is :

  • Bags made : 10
  • Bags given away : 9
  • Bags still to make : 10

After the trapped pin incident on the first bag I decided to secure the handles in place with a small piece of double sided sticky tape before sewing which was very successful.

All the recipients so far seem to have been delighted and I hope all the bags are being put to good use.

5 thoughts on “Another Coco, a new skirt and a confession

  1. Hi, I am about to make my first Coco and I really like how you’ve finished the neckline of yours. Do you have or can you give any instructions on how to do that finish? I’d like to try it! Thank you, Heather

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    • Hello Heather. Sorry for the delay in responding but I had to have a quick look at what I did do on the Coco! It is a great top and I’ve made several of them, two with a bias binding trim. All I did was turn under the raw edge on the neckline by the amount specified on the pattern and then pinned/basted on the bias binding on the inside so that it covered that edge. I didn’t have a twin needle at the time so I just sewed two separate lines of stitching. I had the overlap of the binding at the back and I just pressed the top end under before sewing round to ensure a neat finish. I am wearing a Coco today where I just stitched the neckline under and then trimmed the raw edge back close to the stitching and that has also worked well. You should also try the funnel neck which I really love! Good luck with your Coco.

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      • Thank you!!! I really love how neat and professional that looks! It sounds very straightforward. The finish on the neckline in the pattern instructions was the only thing that I thought could have been better about that pattern, everything else was perfect. Your neckline is the finishing touch!

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