A New Look Blog

I decided to try out a new look for my blog now that I feel like I’m here to stay. After trawling through what seemed like thousands of WordPress themes I decided on this one because it was nice and simple!  It is still a work in progress but thank you to Kyrie for her technical assistance!  I’m also now signed up to Twitter!

I wish I’d taken these photographs.

We have some lovely friends who are lucky enough to spend part of the year in Normandy where they have a cottage with a beautiful garden.

They grow lavender along the garden path and this morning was harvest time. The cut lavender has been tied up in bunches to dry and apparently it smells fabulous.  Some of it will be coming back to Chichester and I have been offered a share.

I am planning some stylish lavender bags for gifts and after a quick Pinterest search I have lots of ideas.

Now for a tiny sneak preview of the starfish skirt by way of introducing you to the new addition to the family – currently known as Doris!  She is rather better endowed in the shoulder and bosom area than me so the jacket toile fits her perfectly.  Hopefully the final version will look the same on me when I have cut a smaller size.  I bought her to act as a photographic model rather than to actually fit clothes on.  She was quite cheap (sorry Doris) so perhaps I’ll invest in a slightly slimmer version as it is rather a struggle to wriggle her into a skirt and zip it up.  She is decidedly uncooperative despite her stylish necklace!


Just the hem to go before the final reveal.  Hopefully Doris will come into her own assisting with hemming.  My mother used to have us standing on a sturdy coffee table while she pinned up hems and we got a (fairly) gentle slap on the leg when she needed us to rotate!

Happy weekend!

11 thoughts on “A New Look Blog

  1. I love the new look of your blog, I’ve seen tons of sewing bloggers with the same layout, so it fits in nicely! I’ve been thinking about chosing this layout for my blog,but I’m super happy with sela.


  2. Great new look – glad you’re here to stay! I’ve just invested in a new dress form too, which WASN’T cheap, unfortunately, but should make life a whole lot easier than trying to pin adjustments to myself:)


  3. It’s great to have a Doris, mine has, over the years, scared my children, been spiked with brooch collections, been covered in necklaces and recently been home to several hats! At last, since I started my blog, she’s back in the world of modelling. obviously I can’t see the skirt, but the jacket looks lovely.


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