Daisy, Daisy

Whilst searching for men’s shirts for my next Refashion project I came across this piece of fabric for £3.50 in the St Wilfrid’s Hospice shop.  It wasn’t something I would have necessarily chosen from a fabric shop but I thought it might work for a summer skirt.


I did mean to measure it before I started cutting but forgot.  It was probably just about a metre.   Having learned my lesson from not washing the starfish fabric I did remember to  pop this in the wash before using it. I already had a zip and some lining from my mother’s recent cast offs.  She’s obviously had another sort out since then because I acquired a metre of black fabric from her this morning which will make a very smart work skirt for the winter.

I decided on this old favourite as a pattern although I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough fabric.

Simplicity 2655

It is made up of six panels and a deep yoke which I find more comfortable than a waistband.  I had to improvise when cutting it out.  I remembered a tip from a sewing class I used to go to and folded the fabric into the centre to cut out the main pieces.  I was planning to cut out the yoke facing from another fabric but I came up with an alternative cunning plan and sewed the leftovers together to create a new larger piece of fabric. There were only scraps left at the end.

I lined the skirt from the yoke down which I’d not tried before with this skirt. Although the fabric is quite heavyweight it is a fairly loose weave and potentially see through with the sun behind you!

I’m normally hopeless ‘in the ditch’ but I really concentrated this time and it was probably my best ever effort.  Obviously I’ve photographed the neatest  bit but it was pretty good all round!

Here’s the result.  It is a little bit stiff – I think it is probably curtain fabric – but a few washes should sort that out.  I have worn it and it is very comfortable apart from a slightly clingy lining. I did discover an enormous bird poo down the sleeve of my top during the afternoon but thankfully it missed the skirt!


I’m sure I read something from Tilly recently recommending a quick wipe of a skirt lining with a tumble drier sheet to solve the clinging problem but I can’t find it now.  I don’t have a tumble drier but I might give the sheets a whirl.

7 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy

    • Thank you. I’ve no idea where the gold thread came from as I’ve never sewn anything this colour before but it was just right for this project and made it much easier to hide any stitches that didn’t quite make it into the ‘ditch’.

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  1. Having signed up for email notifications of your blog I received this while having my early morning cuppa in bed. What a nice way to start Monday morning. Once again I am incredibly impressed by the well ordered way you organise (and photograph) your sewing. Re the tumble drier do make use of mine if you want to. It’s a washer drier. I was thinking yesterday of making a start on handsewing the lavender bags only to find I do not have any suitable coloured thread. Oh well off to SuperU later.


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