Man on The Moon

The historic Assembly Rooms in Chichester hosted a Vintage & Retro Fair on Friday in support of St Wilfrid’s Hospice.  When I popped in late morning it was a bit like the scene from the John Boorman film Hope & Glory where the girls visit a clothing exchange during WW2!  The place was absolutely packed and it was hard to make your way across the room!

I’m not great in a crowd but I had a good look round.  As well as racks and racks of women’s clothing there were some fabulous men’s dress shirts still in their original packaging, military uniforms, vintage patterns, hosiery and general bric-a-brac.

I was very restrained and came away with ….

This vintage fabric covered in paint brushes.  It is quite a heavy cotton in very good condition and it cost just £2!  I’ve not measured it yet but there is definitely more than a metre.  Not sure what I’ll make from it – bag, quirky skirt, apron for my mother to wear to her art class??

When I spotted this copy of the Daily Express from July 1969 announcing Apollo 11’s landing on the moon I just had to buy it for W.  He was thrilled!  And only £1!  Here he is checking out the Situations Vacant.

Anyone for a Playtex girdle or a gingham housefrock?

My final purchase was a white shirt.  I can never find the right white shirt and I don’t think I suit normal collars.  I thought this one had potential.


I’d already taken out the shoulder pads before I took this photograph.  The shoulders were too wide and the sleeves were far too long. I much prefer three-quarter length sleeves for work plus one of the fabric covered cuff buttons was missing and the spare had a stubborn mark on it.

In a very quick re-model I raised the sleeve head by around 1.5 cm and shortened the sleeves.  I chopped off the cuffs and created a false cuff.  I checked how to do this online and wish I’d tried this before – so quick and easy.  Just turn up the sleeve twice on the wrong side, press, sew along the edge to the width you prefer – I went with ⅝”  originally but decided that was a bit wide and reduced it to ½”.  You then turn the sleeve to the right side, turn the cuff back on itself and press,

I can’t believe how simple and effective this is!  I’ll definitely do it again.

Here’s the refashioned version.  I really like the collar.  I think I might take in the darts a bit to make it more fitted but I’ll try it as it is for now.

I hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend despite the weather.  We went to the Gallery Trail in Arundel (part of the annual Festivities) this afternoon and I resorted to tights!  I cheered myself up by wearing my new Coco top and bought some lovely stripy muffin cases!

10 thoughts on “Man on The Moon

  1. Hi, our paths almost crossed! I was mooching in town yesterday at the festival market – bought a cashmere twinset on the “vintage cashmere” stall. It’s Brora so not really vintage but a good find. Your shirt is great – love the collar detail. I went to the Vintage and Retro event last year and was disappointed to miss it this year due to my hols. Then I bought a quite bonkers velvet dress with huge feathers all around the cuffs. The paint brush fabric is great – could you get a skirt out of it?

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    • There is definitely enough paint brush fabric for a skirt so it may well end up as one. The Vintage event was such a crush! I hope they did well out of it, I’m sure they must have done. I almost bought a cashmere sweater from that stall yesterday! It would have been funny if we’d arrived there at the same moment!


    • I’m veering towards a skirt. I think the fabric needs a wider audience than an apron or bag. I’m so pleased with the blouse. The collar is an amazing construction, I certainly wouldn’t want to try and make it myself!


  2. My daughter would say why? did you buy it to alter it? I think the shirt is lovely, she doesn’t get the thrill or satisfaction of the find and the remake…maybe one day?! We don’t seem to have as many events as you do down there, and I would have loved the fair. I was going to say painting apron, but it would be awful to have paint mess on it!!

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  3. I probably would have said the same thing as your daughter in the past but refashioning is definitely addictive! You’re right about the apron and the paint splashes, I think it has to be a skirt!


    • I’ve not been able to bring myself to cut into that fabric yet but last night I did get around to taking in the darts on the blouse refashion to achieve a better fit and I am wearing it today.


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