Annual Fig Harvest

No sewing this weekend as I was working yesterday but I did bake a fig tart for Sunday lunch. We have a fig tree in our garden which has grown from a small plant in a pot into an enormous tree. The original plant was compensation from a local DIY store after a health & safety incident involving W, a swinging garden seat display and a lack of proper construction on their part!  I wasn’t present at the time so I’m not able to report exactly what happened but he came home with a fig tree!

We picked 16 beautiful ripe figs the other evening (another potential health & safety incident)  and I used this recipe to make two really delicious tarts (one for the freezer).

On a sewing-related topic, readers of this blog may remember my post about the blouse my grandmother made for my mother back in 1945.

My sister and I were with our parents today and there was a photograph of the Queen in their Saturday paper, possibly from the same year, wearing an almost identical blouse.

Who copied who???

9 thoughts on “Annual Fig Harvest

  1. ooh that fig tart look so tasty! We had a fig tree in the garden on our holiday in Provence last week and it was amazing eating fresh figs you’d picked yourself every morning. I didn’t think they would grow here! Thanks for the recipe link.

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    • Thank you Kathryn. The tart was really good. We’ve been lucky and always had figs on our tree but they probably aren’t quite as good as the ones you picked in Provence!


  2. I do love figs, especially when served with goats cheese. Your tart looks delicious and it’s lovely that they came from your own tree. Would you ever have thought about buying a fig tree if you hadn’t been given one?

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    • Probably not – I didn’t realise that it was possible to get such a good crop of fruit in this country. If it hadn’t been for the ‘incident’ with the garden seat we would have missed out on all this loveliness! I did make a fig and goats cheese pizza a while ago, there is a photograph of it somewhere on this blog.

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  3. You have to watch Her Majesty she is always copying other people’s styles..!! It is an impressive claim to fame though.
    I’ve never had a fig. Have I been missing out? Time to try one I think!

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