Blog Birthday!

I can hardly believe it but Jane Makes is one year old today!


I’d been a sewing blog follower for ages but had never got my act together to start one myself.  That all changed when Kyrie from Kyrie in Kalamityland arrived in our office and set me up on WordPress within five minutes of me suggesting I might like to start a blog!  All I can say is ….

Thank you Kyrie!

I’d just got going when my mother managed to fall and shatter her ankle just after last Christmas which meant she could only hop until it healed! Anything creative went right out of the window and there was a three-month gap in my blogging activities while we got her back on both feet.  She’s a serial bone breaker in the winter so is being encased in bubble wrap from 1 December as a precaution.  My temporary involvement with commodes is not something I want to repeat in a hurry!

Whilst it might be going a bit far to say that having a sewing blog has changed my life it has certainly had a positive impact on it.

I think one of the main benefits for me is becoming part of the blogging community.  It is inspiring to have contact with so many creative people online and meeting them in person is even better.  The first meet up of the new formed sewbees, a group of sewists based on or near the south coast, is taking place on 28th November which is SO exciting!

The need to have something to write about also encourages/forces me to get on and make something rather than sitting around thinking about it. Signing up to Me-Made-May this year was also a big motivator as was The Refashioners 2015 which really pushed me to try something new.  Back at the start of JaneMakes, although I’d been sewing on and off for a while, the main thing holding me back was a zip phobia which meant my options were limited unless I had appropriate supervision!  I then bought Tilly’s Love at First Stitch, followed her instructions for inserting a concealed zip, and I was away!  I can’t believe something I now find relatively straightforward  had been restricting me for so long!

I’m still in awe of what so many of you create and I’m planning to push myself a bit harder over the next year.  I had planned to make a pair of trousers but given that I never wear them – what would be the point?!  My next real challenge is mastering the scary overlocker!

This post is a bit image light so I’m including this gif which W spotted on Twitter.   I always thought the sewing machine worked by magic but it turns out that isn’t the case!


A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read (and comment on) this blog.  It really is good to know you!

PS : The original intention was for this to be a sewing and baking blog but the baking seems to have taken a back seat.  The problem with baking is that the outcome has to be eaten and we do have W’s waistline to think about!


35 thoughts on “Blog Birthday!

  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary Jane! I certainly look forward to reading your blog posts and seeing your lovely creations. Looking forward to seeing you again at the meet up next week!! 🙂 x

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    • Thank you! Isn’t it funny how we all have sewing demons. Zips really aren’t so bad once you get to grips with them. I’m more scared of sewing a buttonhole in the wrong place!


  2. Happy Birthday! The sewing list is endless and I’m the reverse of you where I never wear skirts, so I don’t make skirts. If you want to challenge yourself with a zip then do a fly front on a skirt! It’s been a pleasure to read your blogs and I look forward to many more! Enjoy your meet up, it’ll be great!

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  3. Congratulations on your first year. One of the amazing things I’ve found about blogging is the unexpected directions it takes you. I had no idea of the focus of my blog when I started beyond it being creative and crafty. Leaving it find it’s own core was, yes, maybe not life changing, but it did have a big impact on me. Sounds like you’re having a ball! 🙂

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  4. Happy blog birthday!! I love reading about your makes so I’m pleased to have found your blog 🙂 I haven’t had chance to sign up to anything like Me Made May yet so I’m on the lookout for a project I can join, they seem really good.

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    • Thank you! You should definitely think about signing up for Me Made May next year. It is a great challenge and it definitely inspires you. Last year there were lots of repeats in what I wore during the month but I think it will be easier in 2016!

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  5. What a great blog post. I have loved reading about your adventures. Happy anniversary and just know that we love hearing about just such fun times as you have shared with us in this post.


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