Sewing Friends

I always say that one of the best things about writing a sewing blog is becoming part of an huge sewing community. Even better is that sometimes you get to actually meet up with some of those people and make great new friends.

Last Saturday was the inaugural meeting of the Sew Bees, a small group of sewing bloggers based along the south coast.  I had already met two of the members, one on each of this year’s open days at The Fabric Godmother.

Springystitches and Clarinda Kaleidoscope are both lovely and write really great blogs which I’ve been following for a while. Clarinda (who I’ve also met up with for lunch) provided the best photograph of the day.  Thank you!  W thinks it is funny that I have ended up framed by the security thingy and am rather in the spotlight, something I would normally avoid.Sew Bees

The lovely Sew Bees in the picture (l to r) starting from the person immediately next to me are :

Seamsoddlouise, butterfliesandlemondrops, Clarindakaleidoscope, springystitches, Daisy Creates in Sussex

We all met up in Brighton at the excellent Ditto Fabrics in Kensington Gardens.  Gill, the owner, has been running Ditto since 1983 and has an encyclopedic knowledge of fabrics.  She was so welcoming and I think we all learned something new.  She even set fire to two pieces of fabric, one real wool and one a synthetic version to show us how to distinguish between them – the burned edge of the wool fabric will stay smooth while the other will be rough and bobbly.   We also found out that the term ‘ponte Roma’ can be used to describe a whole range of jersey fabrics and it is important to ensure that you are buying the real deal – which has a great drape and feel.

The shop is quite small but the range of fabric is amazing and we were in there for ages – no-one emerged empty handed!  Here’s just a tiny selection of what’s on offer together with my haul for the day.

Top to bottom we have :

  • Purple denim with a bit of stretch.  This is destined for another Colette Laurel dress and was a very popular choice, going into the shopping bags of two other Sew Bees!  The chambray Laurel I made a while ago has become my go-to dress and I know I’ll make good use of another one.
  • Blue jersey.  This fabric has a great texture but I’m not sure what I’m going to make with it yet.
  • Heavyweight jersey with a subtle diamond pattern.  This is a lovely fabric which may become my first Coco dress (I’ve got a pile of Coco tops but have never made the dress).
  • Red patterned wool.  This fabric is fabulous!  It’s really substantial so I’ll probably stick with a plain, smart skirt for work to wear with a jacket.

All but the wool are destined for a pre-wash over the weekend.

You may have spotted that I didn’t introduce the person on the far left of the photograph!  Just as we were working our way towards the door to leave Ditto someone walked in all muffled up in a hat and scarf.  We both looked at each other and I realised it was Kate from Fabrikated who I met a few weeks ago at Karen’s Made Up meet up in London.  What a coincidence! Kate had never been to Ditto before but was meeting up with family for lunch in Brighton.  A lovely surprise.

We then headed off to The Manor in Gardner Street for lunch and then on to the Brighton Sewing Centre just round the corner in North Street.  I decided I’d bought quite enough fabric for one day but couldn’t resist one of these sparkly zips and I wasn’t the only one!  I’ve no idea yet what I’m going to use it for but I’m sure something will come up.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.


After this everyone headed home and I popped up the road to see my sister.  It really was a brilliant day and definitely won’t be the last meet up for the Sew Bees.  I don’t think we stopped talking the whole time.  This included the time I spent on the train with SewingSu on the way to Brighton – the first time we’d ever met was when I got on at Chichester.  I knew we’d get on – we were both wearing purple tights!

26 thoughts on “Sewing Friends

  1. Yes, it is a joy to meet others who have the same interest as yourself. And so useful! i have picked up so many tips, ideas and inspirations from meeting other dressmakers. In Brighton there are regular meetings of The Dressmakers Social ( and the Brighton Sewing Bee ( I live in London and meet sewists through The London Dressmakers Club (
    Ditto is addictive, even though there are a number of fabric shopping areas in London I cannot resist going into that shop and I rarely come out empty handed. I must look out for the sparkly zips as I haven’t seen such a thing and it may be just what I need for an exposed zip for a make I am planning. I would love to see how you use it.

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    • Hello! Nice to meet a fellow Ditto addict. I’ve never been in there without finding something to buy. The sparkly zips were irresistible and perfect for an exposed zip. Isn’t it great that there are so many local groups of sewing enthusiasts.


  2. Lovely post and you clearly had a wonderful day! It’s a great photo and yes, you do look specially framed in it!! My first online fabric purchase is from Ditto Fabrics and it’s a beautiful piece of pink, knitted wool! I have never seen a sparkly zip but I’m sure you’ll use it as a lovely feature for one of your makes. I feel far, far away from all these exciting shops!!?

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    • Thank you Linda. I’d never seen a sparkly zip before either but we just couldn’t resist! Ditto is a real treasure trove and you can be sure there will always be something new to tempt you. Glad you’ve been able to make a successful online purchase.

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  3. Ditto sounds fantastic, that fabric talk sounds amazing!! The owner sure makes it an unforgettable fabric shopping experience! I love the selection you bought, I can’t wait to see that Laurel you make.
    Sewing has given me the chance to make so many new friends! Who knew such a solitary activity had such an amazing community!!

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  4. You have opened a new world for me! Since reading about the glitter zipper I have been searching for such zippers on the internet, as I am not likely to be in Brighton for a couple of weeks, and discovered such a variety of zips in so many different tapes and teeth that I am looking at my patterns to see which zips I could feature on which garment. Thank you for blogging about this new find

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  6. What a fabulous day and a great post! I’m certainly looking forward to meeting you all again soon and seeing what you make with that fabulous wool! I completely missed those glittery zips and I’ll have to pop into the Brighton Sewing Centre to buy one over the next couple of weeks. It’s just a matter of staying focussed and not being tempted by anything else in the shop! Wish me luck… 😉 x

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