Secret Sewing

A few weeks ago Sheila over at Sewchet announced the launch of this year’s #stitchingsanta.


I decided to take part as I like making presents for people, although there usually comes a point as the festive season looms closer when I decide I must be mad!  In my previous job I had quite a large team and, as we worked in a creative environment, handmade gifts seemed particularly appropriate.  One year I knitted at least a dozen scarves and the next I made a similar number of fabric bags!  What was I thinking??

There were two categories to choose from for the #stitchingsanta, sewing or knitting/crochet.  I picked sewing.  There’s a spending limit of £10 in terms of any purchased gift but looking back at blog reports of last year’s efforts there seems to be no limit in terms of the number of gifts that you choose to make to accompany it!

Once I received details of my recipient I spent some time reading (stalking) her blog to check out her tastes.  I did notice a day on my blog stats around the same time when there was suddenly a large number of views against a much smaller number of visitors.  I suspect someone may have been carrying out a similar investigation!

My recipient has quite a wide range of crafting interests which made it difficult to know what to buy but I found something I hope she’ll enjoy using.  I’m not going to reveal any more about the handmade contents of the parcel I posted off yesterday other than to say that it might just contain another Anya Bag!  As you can see I’m going for red accessories for my gift wrapping this year – stripes, checks and polka dots!  I kept these ones quite simple as they’ll probably get a bit squished in the post.


I hope she likes her #stitchingsanta presents and I’ll reveal all after Christmas!

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