Where did my Sew Jo go?

I’m hoping it’s just the time of year but since the beginning of 2016 I seem to have been overcome with some kind of mental paralysis every time I think about sewing and I’ve been incapable of getting started on any new projects up until last weekend apart from one Anya bag for myself.  I’ve not even bought any fabric which is decidedly weird!

It is now the beginning of March and I think it is high time I got my act together.  Several things have happened (or are about to happen) which I hope will turn the tide.

Number One

I met up with the amazing Zoe (from So Zo What do you know?) for a lovely lunch in Brighton a couple of weeks ago and have now taped together the pattern for a Dolores Batwing Dress.  I’m hoping this will be a nice straightforward project to ease me back in gently.

Number Two 

I spotted some little fabric baskets over at MakeAmyMake.  There is a link in her post to a YouTube tutorial which is in German.  I watched it initially without speakers so the language wasn’t an issue and the baskets are so straightforward to make that you really don’t need to hear the instructions.  My prototype came out pretty well but it then dawned on me that you really need to use a fabric that works both ways up for the lining otherwise the turnover at the top is upside down!


I went on to make three more as a birthday present with no real idea of what I was going to put in them.  I made all three during the second half of the rugby on Saturday afternoon and decided to fill them with three little succulent plants in recycled jam jars.  They were very well received and I think making these ‘utensilios’ as they are apparently called could become addictive.  They are a great stash buster.  The linen fabric below was a remnant from Ditto which I bought years ago.  It is lovely (I have a feeling it was Armani!) but the colour just didn’t suit me so I’m glad I’ve finally found a use for it.

Number Three

I am off to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia on Saturday with Clarinda Kaleidoscope, Butterflies & Lemondrops and Red W Sews.  I have my entry ticket, my train ticket and I can’t wait!  It had better not snow.

Number Four

Linda from Remake Remodel Recycle nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I’ve not had a chance to focus on answering her questions yet (or think up my own) but I will!  Thank you Linda.

Number Five

I’m off to The Fabric Godmother for my overlocker course on 12 March.  Apparently we make a skirt as part of the course and I may just wait until I get there to choose some fabric.

If all these inspirational activities don’t sort me out I don’t know what will!



36 thoughts on “Where did my Sew Jo go?

  1. I can relate to having low sew-jo this winter. I was fired up about participating in SWAP again this year but have completed a scant two items. Those baskets with the succulents are just lovely. I’m going to put that on my list of things to make. Hope your sew-jo fires up again shortly!

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    • I think writing this post and getting so many comments did the trick – I got up early and cut out a dress! Definitely try the baskets – I’m going to try scaling them up and down next time to make a nesting set!


  2. A nice straightforward project is great to revive a flagging sewjo.
    I’m going to the knitting and stitching show tomorrow! I can’t wait. If that doesn’t get your sewjo going I don’t know what will!

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  3. The plants and containers look lovely. Sometimes a change is all you need, sewing isn’t always clothing anyway! I’ve made cushions, curtains, reupholstered chairs and anything else that took my fancy, at some time or other, I even stopped sewing for a year!!!
    If you have it as an interest, it never really ever goes away, go at your own pace, and you have lots of exciting events to enjoy. Looking forward to hearing about them!

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    • Thank you Linda. I think the response to this post must have helped – I got up early this morning, put the heating on in the conservatory and cut out a dress! I will report back on the Olympia show (and the overlocker course). I don’t usually like crowds but I think being with a group of sewing chums will make all the difference.

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  4. You seem to be back into the swing of things now and it is only just March. The pots are super and in neutral linen-type fabrics they will be very acceptable presents I would say.

    I went to one of those sewing shows once and it was fun but very tiring – there is so much to see. And of course too many opportunities to spend money – but you do see things you don’t normally see anywhere else. Looking forward to seeing what you come back with. Have fun with Clarinda and Co.

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    • I’ve been to the Alexandra Palace show a couple of times and was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of people! I’m really looking forward to spending a day with the girls and I’m quite sure I will be parting with some hard earned cash! I enjoyed reading about progress on your new house – it looks stunning. Like you I spend a lot of time looking at house plans/specifications etc. and it is always exciting when the whole thing starts to come to life.

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    • I am definitely feeling more inspired. The Esme dress is very simple and if it works out how I’m hoping I will be trying some more of the projects in this book. Glad you like the little pots!

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