Me-Made-May Week One

I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of Me-Made-May but I’ve really been enjoying it so far!  I’ve previously reported here that my involvement last year really changed the way I think about what I buy, make and wear.  This year I have a wider selection of me-made clothes to choose from so taking part is easier, although I’m starting to realise that while I have quite a few dresses and skirts I’m rather short on tops that match them. This is something I need to start addressing.

I also need to improve my photographs.  A quick selfie in front of the mirror before I leave for work is OK but does become a bit boring.  The problem (as I’ve mentioned before) is that I HATE having my photograph taken and despite his best efforts I’m never satisfied with anything that W takes for me.  I’ve also never taken anything satisfactory with the remote control and tripod I bought for my phone.

I’ve not managed to try out any new patterns yet (I’ve pledged to attempt two during May) but I have made another Esme dress (see below for further details).  This was hemmed about five minutes before I put it on for Day 2.  I’ve also nearly finished a skirt made from a very small piece of fabric I picked up from a Posh Jumble Sale in Petworth last week.  I’m hoping to wear it this week.

If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen all these but here’s a round up of the first week’s outfits.  Only a couple of RTW items in there, the pink cardigan from a charity shop and some white jeans which I’ve had for years and I think are the only pair of trousers I possess.  Always a relief when these things still fit after the winter!

The only recent and unblogged item is the bright pink Esme dress which I absolutely love.  I completely forgot that I was going to lengthen this second version by a couple of inches for wearing without tights but the fabric is quite a heavyweight stretch denim which might be a bit warm for the summer.  I bought the fabric on my trip to Olympia with sewing friends and it is a perfect pink!  I’d not been able to include patch pockets on my first version of the Esme (day 3) due to lack of fabric and for some reason they just didn’t look right on the pink one.  Having not spotted that there was a pattern for an inseam pocket elsewhere in the book (Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter), I traced off one from Tilly’s book.  I didn’t want to use the denim for the pocket bag as I thought it would be too heavy but was really pleased to be able to make good use of the piece of fabric given to me by Beth from After Dark Sewing as part of last year’s Stitching Santa – perfect.

I will remember to make the next Esme a tad longer.   I have a piece of French linen with a 60s vibe which I picked up at the Vintage and Very Nice Fair in Chichester on Saturday and I’m hoping it will work perfectly for a summer Esme.  Here’s a picture of the two recently acquired ‘vintage’ fabrics.


I’m trying hard not to buy any ‘new’ fabric at the moment and stick with what I already have + secondhand.  There has been a small slip up with some striped jersey but we won’t dwell on that!

I’ve really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s MMM posts on IG – so inspiring.  As always thank you to Zoe for creating Me-Made-May!

21 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Week One

  1. I KNEW I’d read about bright pink denim on someone’s blog – it was you! Can you remember who you bought it from? In the unlikely event that I ever perfect my trouser fitting – I want pink denim cut offs!
    Your outfits all look brilliant – much classier than my ridiculous frocks, but I have just finished a black and white striped breton, so maybe I’m finally getting a bit of subtlety.

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    • The pink denim came from Fabrics Galore – I think! I can’t see it on their website but I was sure that was the stand I bought it from at Olympia. Your frocks are not ridiculous – I’m really enjoying your MMM posts. Looking forward to seeing the breton, I’m planning one with the striped jersey I accidentally bought the other day.


    • Thank you! I’m not usually so organised but I have found myself planning the next day’s outfit before I go to bed in the evening which is something I may continue as it makes life so much easier in the morning!


  2. Great outfits! Your Esme dress is a real winner and the contrast fabric goes perfectly with the pink denim. I’m looking forward to see what you make with the vintage fabrics – you really suit the 60’s silhouette! x

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  3. I like seeing the different outfits in the same surroundings, I like the consistency, but I know what you mean about trying to find a different angle, I mainly manage to chop of my head, which is fine, because, like you, I’m not a fan of getting photos taken either!
    As you say its really great seeing what everyone else makes and wears, unlike you I only ever wear trousers or jeans and I haven’t made a dress for many years…what creatures of habit we are!
    Loving, in particular, that floral, what you going to make?

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    • I’m always envious of people who get such great shots of themselves but I don’t think that is ever going to happen with me! I used to always wear trousers so I’m not really sure what changed! I’m thinking of another Esme dress with the floral as the pattern needs something with a bit of structure, which this does.

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    • Thank you! The Brumby is a great pattern, although I’m not brilliant at gathering. It is never quite even enough for me but when you’ve got massive pockets you can forgive anything!

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  4. You have a good array of outfits, but isn’t it so useful how Me Made May makes you realise what’s missing from your wardrobe?
    I never liked all the photos but it did show me what suited me and what needed something doing to it. Now why did looking in a mirror not do that?????

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    • It is strange isn’t it – I try not to look too hard at my photos to avoid worrying about things that don’t matter! I really do love MMM – it makes me try harder, re-discover things I’d forgotten all about and, as you say, realise what I should be making next.

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    • Thanks Louise. I took no photographs last year but I’m determined to have a record this year – when I’m stuck for what to wear in future I can look back and remember what goes together!

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  5. I rather like your style of taking photographs – it’s instantly recognisable as you and is a darn sight quicker than any of the other options! It’s great to see what you’re making with the gifted fabric from the #sewingsanta by the way:)

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    • I’m so pleased with my jazzy pocket linings! It is certainly quick taking my photos – I used to take several and choose the ‘best’ but now I just go with the first attempt!

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