Me-Made-May Week Two

Another week of me-made outfits has passed and I’ve managed to keep going with only one top worn twice.

Day 9’s photograph came out even more gloomy than usual so I posted a second picture on IG of the lovely striped linen the skirt is made from just to show that it wasn’t as boring as it looked!


Day 10’s skirt was made in short bursts over the previous weekend from the fabric I bought at the Posh Jumble Sale in Petworth.  I was visiting the town on a work-related matter but spotted the sign for the ‘jumble’ sale in the window of the town hall.  It was very far removed from the church jumble sale I attended a couple of days later in Chichester!  It was certainly posh and there were some lovely things for sale – but definitely not at jumble sale prices.  I spotted a small piece of fabric with a really interesting pattern – it was labelled as vintage 60s but I’ve no idea if that’s true. I forked out £5 because I really liked it.

I think it was probably part of a curtain because it was hemmed down each side and initially thought it would make a nice cushion cover.  I then decided to see if I could squeeze a skirt out of it.  I could – just!  The leftovers were so minimal they didn’t even make it to the scrap bag and I had to cut the facings out of a piece of calico I’d previously used for a toile.  I wasn’t going to bother with a lining but changed my mind at the last minute and used a piece of fabric from a pile cleared out by my mother a while back.  I’m glad I did as it hangs so much better with the lining.  The only other cost was an invisible zip which I bought for 20p last year when I was on holiday.  You do get what you pay for and it isn’t the greatest quality but as it’s invisible it doesn’t really matter!

So, a new skirt for £5.20 which isn’t bad – and using recycled and secondhand fabric.  As is often my way I was hand sewing the lining in just before I put it on to go to work and then couldn’t find anything that went with it until I remembered a yellow cardi which was lurking at the bottom of the ironing basket.  It was an almost perfect match and I felt very spring-like despite the fact the sun had disappeared.

Here’s a better photograph of the new skirt modelled by Doris which shows off the fabric design more effectively.


With all the other stress in my life at the moment MMM is definitely helping keep me sane.  I love seeing everyone else’s posts on blogs and IG and I can focus on what to wear the next day when I wake up at 4.00 am rather than starting to worry about everything else.  One thing I’ve realised is that I don’t have enough me-made tops so that’s something I need to work on.

Looking forward to the first episode of GBSB tonight!

20 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Week Two

  1. Have enjoyed seeing these on IG all week – still love that dress! The Boys wanted to stay up for GBSB but they go to bed at 7pm so I’ll have to tape it for them. Why is it on so late? All my students are desperate to watch it and it’s on after the watershed. Are we to expect some risqué behaviour from the lovely Patrick, I wonder? Dream on…..!

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    • Thank you! I’ve just started following your blog too. I not supposed to be buying any new fabric at the moment but I may have to fall off the wagon to buy some to make tops as I’m quite sure I don’t have anything suitable! Jxx

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    • Thank you Hila! The skirt pattern is a real basic but I’ve used it several times and it’s perfect for showing off a bold pattern. It is also great for some speedy sewing! I’m really enjoying seeing your outfits too – and your fabulous shoe collection which is the envy of us all! I’m definitely going to wear the Brighton Pavilion dress more this year!

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  2. What a lovely skirt – the jumble fabric is a winner. I remember we had some plates, cups and saucers with a similar pattern on it, 1960s. I realise how old I am when I see the odd survivor in a Collectables section of a charity shop! And that linen stripy looks great – the sort of stuff I would just buy, just because.

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    • Thank you – perhaps they were right and it is a 60s fabric. I hope so! The striped fabric was a remnant and although it does crease I think it must be a linen mix because it is not too bad and it irons beautifully.


    • Thank you Sharon! It was a bit too posh really – the prices were pretty high, although cheaper than some vintage fairs. We do have a few jumble sales around here, although they tend to be a bit disappointing! x

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  3. Love the fabric you found, you’ve made a fantastic skirt with it. I haven’t joined in with MMMay yet but this year I have found myself inspired & have tried to wear something me made to work everyday! Next year I’ll be pledging.
    As for the wonderful GBSB, it was great as always but a little late for me let alone young ones! No chance of me dozing off for ages after either as my mind was buzzing with ideas 😃

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  4. I like all your looks and they are obviously of a piece, and show you are clear about your style and colours. I also really like the £5.20 skirt. In week 3 I am sort of running out of obvious choices – I am guessing unless it warms up I may have to repeat something.

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    • Thank you Kate – I’m really finding this exercise useful and I am definitely feeling more confident about what I wear. Like you I am starting to run out of choices and there will definitely be repeats in the latter part of the month! I do have a couple of things ready to cut out which will be drafted in if time permits.


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