Experimental Baking

My initial attempt at sugar/fat/egg free baking was surprisingly successful and I can confirm that the carrot muffins responded well to freezing.  Time to try something else.

Mr Jane Makes has a penchant for peanut butter and, although there is now a ban on eating it straight from the jar, nuts are a good source of protein and can form part of the new ‘in moderation’ diet. Faced with some bananas that were deteriorating rapidly in the hot weather, I decided to combine the two in some cookies. The rest of the bananas have been frozen in chunks to go into smoothies.

Peanut & Banana Cookies (makes 16 smallish cookies)

  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed
  • 2 cups porridge oats
  • 1 cup dates, chopped
  • 1/3 cup peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 18 degrees (fan oven).  Line a baking sheet with baking parchment (very important).

I’d read somewhere about turning porridge oats into flour so I experimented with one cup of the above amount using the grinding blade of my Nutribullet. It produced a lovely smooth result in seconds so I’ll be incorporating the flour into future makes.

Mix together all the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.  It was quite a stiff mixture and if I’d had any fruit juice to hand I might have been tempted to add it but it really didn’t need it.

Use a dessertspoon to measure spoonfuls of the mixture onto the lined baking sheet.  I experimented with one cookie to see what happened and the mixture really needs to be pressed down to squash each cookie flat before cooking because the mixture doesn’t spread in the oven.

Bake for 12-14 minutes until golden brown.  Cool on a wire rack – the cookies lifted off the sheet very easily with a palette knife.

I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone by suggesting that these are a replacement for a sweet chocolate chip cookie but after a few weeks with little or no sugar they are pretty satisfying! There will be variations on this theme.

No weigh in this week but the diet is being strictly adhered to by Mr J-M and it is definitely working! A shirt which was previously refused permission for wearing in public is now a perfect fit.

Our meals and snacks are looking very much like this at the moment.


9 thoughts on “Experimental Baking

  1. Jane, these snacks and salads look delicious! And the cookies do actually sound tastier to me than chocolate cookies. So pleased the strict eating regime is working, and if you’re joining in to support then you’re going to have two new wardrobes to sew!

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    • I have joined in (mostly) and I am already finding my skirts are getting loose round the waist! I was making a dress over the weekend and have gone down a size from last time I made it.

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      • Wow! That’s amazing and scary that food can do that, even though we’re old and wise enough to know that! I recently tried to cut down on my very large coffee intake and have partly switched to green tea. I have started to enjoy the taste, but don’t understand why tea makes me feel thirsty??

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  2. Ooooh these look good! My youngest has lots of dietary exclusions and I am always on the look out for new recipes. Do you think it would still work without any dried fruit? We buy our peanut butter from a well known health food shop in big tubs and it is just peanuts no added sugar, milk products etc. Your other snacks and salads look amazing.

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    • Sounds like we have the same tub of peanut butter! The dried fruit does add sweetness so I’m not sure they would work without. Maybe you could use more banana or some apple sauce which seems to be a popular ingredient in some of the recipes I’ve seen online. Further experimentation is required!


      • Applesauce is a popular ingredient in American cooking but is often high in added sugar. You could make your own by chopping up some apples and simmering with a dash of water and drop of lemon juice until smushy. That will keep happily in the fridge for a week or so in a sealed jar. Another good substitute is a.mashed banana or soaked chia seeds make a good binding agent too.

        Your beautiful, colourful, sensible portioned food with the occasional treat makes me think this diet will be good for you both in terms of weight loss but also gain in general health.

        Are you getting 30 mins of moderate (heart beating a little faster, slightly out of breath) exercise 5 times a week for your cardiac health too?

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  3. I was planning to make my own applesauce as I can imagine the ready made ones are full of sugar! I do eat chia seeds in my smoothies – just not keen on the frog spawn look of them!


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