Exciting News!

Well, we think it’s exciting!  This year hasn’t been the best what with my darling dad having to move into a nursing home and poor old Mr Jane Makes having a heart attack but my dad is being well cared for and is as settled as he can be and Mr J-M is a new (and much thinner) chap!

Onto the exciting bit … I have two really lovely step-daughters who I have known since they were little girls and they mean a great deal to me.  I know they read this blog but I’m not just saying that!  They are both grown up now and living in London.  On a recent visit J told us that she and P are having a baby!  Mr J-M is going to be a grandad and I’m going to be …. I’ve not quite decided what yet apart from very pleased!

I’m now planning some tiny sewing but, as this blog is not secret, I won’t necessarily be revealing too much here.  I probably won’t be knitting as I’m far from an expert but when it comes to baby-related fabrics I’m quite beside myself!

My first purchase was a kit at Sewmance in Brighton on Saturday.  I’ll probably do a separate post on that event but here’s a sneak preview of the fabric.  I’ve looked at the instructions and have no idea how I’m going to deal with something so weeny but I’ll give it a go.


The new arrival is due at the end of March but, given the way time flies, that day will be here before we know it!


27 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Congratulations! I’m a step-grandmother, too, and have decided to be “Grandma”. Mr H-L is “Granfer”! You’ll have fun on the sewing front from now on then – making small stuff is usually quick and extremely satisfying:)

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  2. Congratulations!! Lovely news!! There’s some very cute things out there to be made for boys and girls. I remember going crazy and making loads of things for H’s nursery with fabric from mammas and papas, so it worked out loads cheaper than in the shops! I even made one of those things to hang up and store nappies in! I just stopped Sewing for him after that and wish I’d have carried on. This first kit you’ve bought looks really cute, looking forward to seeing what you make. 😀

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