A Stripy Gable

I’ve just realised that I drafted this post a while ago and forgot to publish it at the time!  As this is such a great pattern I didn’t want to miss spreading the word so here it is now.

I make a lot of skirts and had previously committed on this blog not to make any more without also making a top to match.  That resolution has already fallen slightly by the wayside but in my defence I’ve been searching for a well fitting and simple top pattern.

I’d seen a few versions of the Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade and when I read Becca‘s recent post I was convinced to buy the pattern.  I was particularly drawn to the neckline.  I’ve always had a bit of a thing about necklines and even as a small child I refused to wear anything that showed my chest!  I have no idea why.  I can clearly remember a Ladybird top with a square neckline that reduced me to tears at the age of about six.  I also had a complete aversion to anything with a pocket on the chest.  Again I have no idea why but I do recall being forced into gingham dresses with such pockets and dragged to school making an almighty fuss!  I’ve got over the pocket issue but still quite like a high neckline.

I don’t have much patience with pdfs but am lucky enough to have occasional access to a plan printer and so on this occasion I didn’t have to reach for the sticky tape.  To check the fit I used some striped jersey I’d bought a couple of years ago as a remnant.   I’d decided I wasn’t that keen on it because it felt a bit synthetic and flimsy and I thought it would be tricky to sew with.  I was wrong.

This top turned out far better than I was expecting.  The fit is perfect, the neckline is perfect, the fabric behaved very well and it is really comfortable to wear.  I sewed it using my regular machine and it was finished in no time.  It’s a great pattern – and the neckline can be adjusted right at the end to suit your particular preference.  I  have short arms and followed Becca’s lead and used the sleeve version designed for the contrast cuff but left off the cuff itself which turned out to be just the right length for me.

I was pleased with my stripe matching on the side seams.  I’d been reading this post by Wendy Ward which clearly had a very good influence on me.

Thanks for all the compliments on IG, I can definitely recommend the Gable and will be making plain versions in colours to match some of my curtain remnant and vintage fabric skirts.


13 thoughts on “A Stripy Gable

  1. Clever you. Pockets on the front of blouses were described by an aunt of mine as ‘one lump on top of another’. I don’t like them either. Lovely pic of you. We don’t often see you in trousers do we? They suit you.

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