Birthday Cupcakes

Baking is only a occasional event in my kitchen since the decision to reduce sugar and fat consumption in our lives but I do like to rustle up a batch of cupcakes for birthday celebrations.

This is my go-to recipe for cupcakes which I thought I’d share because it is so quick and easy – no beating required, just stir liquid ingredients into dry ingredients, spoon into cases and bake.  It was originally published in Good Food Magazine some years ago and I’ve used it many times.   The cakes are lovely and moist and keep well.  The white chocolate icing is also yummy and because it sets hard in the fridge there is less danger of it getting squashed during transportation.  I used to pipe icing, I rarely bother any more!

It was my mother’s birthday at the weekend so I made a batch on Saturday morning.  I added fresh raspberries to the mix which worked really well – I used a 150g pack minus the 12 I saved to decorate the tops.  I cut each one in half before stirring them in.  I made sure each cake had some raspberry in it, although I wasn’t as diligent as my grandmother who used to ensure that every little cake contained exactly the same number of chocolate chips to avoid any argument!  My sister and I sometimes picked them out to double check.

A strong warning was issued to Mr Jane Makes NOT to eat any of the reserved raspberries before I had a chance to put them on the cakes!

I also used freeze dried raspberry pieces on the top.  You can find these in the baking section of most supermarkets and, not surprisingly, they taste just like raspberries!

I might try fresh cherries next time – they would go well with the ground almonds in the cake mixture.  It’s my birthday in the not too distant future and disappointment/displeasure is expressed in the office if cakes are not provided by whoever happens to be celebrating.


13 thoughts on “Birthday Cupcakes

  1. They look ace! Thanks for the link, it’s H’s birthday this Friday and I think I might just have to dust off my muffin tray! Do you think gluten free flower might work as one of his cousins who’s coming in coeliac. 😁

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  2. Oh no, not another cake recipe to try out! I have a batch of hungry teenagers at home so get to bake cakes regularly which disappear nano seconds after leaving the oven. I have book group tonight at my house so I had to hide my Lumberjack cake from them (the teenagers not the friends). I will try these for my lovely eldest daughter’s birthday as she appreciates a cupcake. Oh and dust off my lovely tiered trays to display them.Thank you for sharing Jane, your cupcakes looked sensational.

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    • Thank you! I have to hide things from Mr J-M otherwise they can disappear in a flash! Hope your friends enjoy the Lumberjack cake. I had to look that up – sounds delicious, I might give that a try. The cupcakes really are quick to make so can be whipped up in no time.


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