Reflections on a Year

I know, an unusual time to be reviewing a year, but today is the first anniversary of Mr Jane Makes’ heart attack so I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few days thinking “this time last year”.  None of this particular reflection has anything to do with sewing but I just felt I needed to recognise the occasion.

Things could have been so different and I’m just thankful that he received such amazing treatment in hospital and, just as important, that he made the decision to turn things around and transform himself.  I’m so proud of him.

It was a scary time and I have to admit that for the first few weeks I felt very anxious every time I left him on his own and it was even worse once he started going out for walks and bike rides.  He has a somewhat cavalier attitude to danger at the best of times so I’ve always been relieved to see him re-appear on his bike (or roller blades) or to get a call at the end of a day’s skiing.   The added jeopardy was hard to handle.  I have a vivid imagination so living with action man is always going to be difficult!  At least now he’s doing all this with a set of arteries that are hopefully no longer in danger of blocking up.  One thing I’m particularly pleased about is that he’s now off the blood thinning medication as the above attitude to danger often results in injuries which for the last year have bled profusely over furniture, sheets, towels etc.

The final statistics from his new regime were – four stone lost, nine inches off his waist and cholesterol reduced from 6.8 to 2.7.  Quite a few people have said to me that they never really thought of him as overweight but these photographs definitely highlight the change in his appearance!



The Park Run has been a great addition to his list of activities and although meant to be just for fun – his competitive nature means he’s always chasing a new PB and several of the other runners!  I’m there every week to cheer him on – and carry various people’s jackets/phones/wallets but I’m definitely NOT taking up running again!

Two other major things have happened during the last twelve months.  One horribly sad and one incredibly lovely.  I lost my dad in January and I’m not sure I’ve even started to come to terms with that.

However, on what would have been his 87th birthday, Mr J-M’s daughter gave birth to the adorable Baby J which means that this can still be a happy day.    Here’s some photographs from our visit yesterday.  She is just perfect. There was some amusement at my expense because she looks a lot bigger when I’m holding her!  It won’t be long before she’s as tall as me!

All the more reason to stay fit and healthy!  I’m just so glad he’s still here.



9 thoughts on “Reflections on a Year

  1. What a moving piece of writing. It has been quite a stressful year all round for you – it takes quite a while to get over your dad’s death, I have found – but well done to your husband’s attitude to his health and what a glorious little girl! And a cholesterol of 2.7..?! Am impressed! You should be very proud of what you have achieved as a family X

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  2. Definitely a year of highs and lows for you Jane. I’m so very sorry about your dad, but happy for your family that baby J was born on his birthday. What a lovely coincidence. And as for your husband, I’m speechless, he’s an absolute inspiration! I can understand your worry though – my mum had a heart attack in March and although she’s made an excellent recovery, we still worry when she takes the dog for a walk! Look after yourself too, you’ve had a momentous year. xxx

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    • Hello Jane. So sorry to hear about your mum. It’s such a frightening experience. It sounds like she’s doing well though but I’m not sure the underlying anxiety will ever quite wear off! Mr J-M is quite a star really, although there was some fairly strict supervision in the early days particularly!! Thank goodness for sewing to help keep us sane! xxx


  3. What a year. I cant imagine how scary it must have been. but what a turn around a new fit and healthy husband and new grand-daughter. lovely. I agree with the other Louise, takes a long time to get over the death of a Parent. It took me years! Think of all those lovely memories you have. xx

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    • Hello Louise. You’re right, it will definitely take a long time to get over my dad’s death. I don’t think I’ve really started the process yet, particularly as a lot of our emotional energy has been focused on our mum!! We do have lovely memories which I’m very grateful for. xx


  4. What a year you’ve had. Great to see your husband looking so healthy now & what a beautiful baby added to the family.😃 I can understand some of what your feeling.
    My husband had emergency heart op 8 years ago, it does make you look at life a little differently. Since then he’s taken up running & we did a half marathon a couple years ago which felt like a great achievement.
    My dad passed away last year August & this year I have a new grandson due on the same date…’s going to be a time of real mixed emotions.

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    • That all sounds very familiar! My sister and I were so pleased when the baby arrived on my dad’s birthday. It was very emotional but it is lovely that we can now continue to celebrate that day in a positive way. I’m impressed that you’ve both done a half marathon! I hope all goes well with the arrival of your new grandchild. x

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