The Great Dribble Bib Swap!

Not content with masterminding Me-Made-May, the lovely Zoe decided to launch a new challenge to be known as The Great Dribble Bib Swap.   She was pretty confident that no-one else would have previously nabbed that hashtag on IG!

The aim was to connect the parents of new babies with each other through a fairly straightforward and simple project to sew a dribble bib.  Obviously I don’t have a baby of my own but we do have The Adorable One in our lives now.  No apologies for using this photo again, it is my very favourite thing!

Having already  invested in an excellent tool for installing plastic snaps to make her some dribble bibs I thought I’d join in.  This is the pattern I use – I’ve not shown the whole thing because I appear to have written my mother’s shopping list on one corner!

My recipient was Maider who blogs here and posts on IG as @maider_masustak.  She lives in Spain and has a little boy.

Zoe had posted some inspiration on Pinterest and I was tempted to add assorted embellishments.  In the end I decided that practicality is probably the most important thing when it comes to a dribble bib so decided to keep things simple.  I didn’t have a large enough piece of suitable jersey fabric so bought a piece from Anna’s (Eternal Maker) de-stash which was leftover from a sample t-shirt now on display in the shop.  It’s a lovely soft fabric with a great pirate design.

Annoyingly I couldn’t find the nice plush fabric I’d bought for my original foray into dribble bib making and decided to try towelling.  I experimented with this but wasn’t 100% happy with the level of softness.  I bought a small piece of another plush-type fabric which I felt worked much better and I decided to send both bibs to Maider.

I had a message from Maider this morning to say the bibs had arrived and I’ve just seen a photograph of her little boy wearing one on IG.  He’s so cute!

Postscript : when I was sorting out my fabric last night (more of that in a future post) I came across the original plush fabric.  Never mind, I’m sure I’ll be sewing more dribble bibs as Miss J starts teething!  I’ve got an awful lot of plastic snaps to use up.

4 thoughts on “The Great Dribble Bib Swap!

  1. The big reveal! Thank you so much for sharing. The fabric is cute, and perfect for a little boy. Your sewing is very neat 🙂 Don’t the bibs make a lovely personal gift for a baby?

    I was curious to see what you had made because I was in the process of making some as well and had searched the internet for a good pattern. Turns out you had the same one! But I ended up using a slightly different version. I made five bibs each for two newish baby boys as ‘welcome to the world’ gifts. I think I was a little ambitious, they took so long to make that our dining table was a mess for a week and dinners had to be eaten on laps (it’s school holidays here, so who cares?) Anyway they are done and posted, one to Brisbane and the other to Iceland!


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