New Look 6145

Back in 2015 I spotted this pattern as part of the Simplicity Star Sewist competition but failed to get my act together and send off for the free pattern to take part.

Moving on a couple of years and there was the pattern on the swap table at our sewing group.  I grabbed it straightaway.  I think pretty much everyone else has already made this pattern and I’ve seen some lovely versions on IG and blogs.

As part of my recent fabric/pattern stock take I’d decided to pair the pattern with a curtain fabric remnant from C & H Fabrics (now known as Closs & Hamblin which sounds much more upmarket!).  The dress and the fabric both have a 60s vibe which I hope work well together.

I’ve previously reported that in advance of our last sewing group meet up I’d made a bedsheet toile and cut out the main fabric.  I managed to sew the bust and back (double-ended) darts, shoulder seams and assemble the neck facing at the meeting which was a good start.

I finished the dress at the weekend and can now tick off the first garment from the list I’ve committed to making. This is a simple pattern with several variations which also lends itself to customising.  I didn’t have enough fabric for the collar but I may try this next time.  I’m not a fan of short sleeves, I normally prefer three-quarter length or sleeveless, but decided to give them a try.  I had just enough fabric to add some in-seam pockets.  I would have gone for patch pockets but I wasn’t able to pattern match – or even have two matching pockets – so abandoned that idea to avoid it looking a complete mess!

I had meant to use the pocket bag template from the Clemence Skirt in Tilly’s Love at First Stitch but used a different one (possibly from the SOI Tulip Skirt) which is much smaller.  I shall definitely make the pockets bigger next time.  I have very small hands but can only just get them in!

I’ve been struggling to find a good quality invisible zip since C & H changed the zips it stocks.  I’ve had several frustrating experiences but when I was on a sewing meet up in Brighton recently I bought one from the Brighton Sewing Centre.  It went in first time with absolutely no problems.  Sadly, due to fabric limitations, there’s absolutely no pattern matching across the zip!

There’s a hem vent at the back of the dress which also worked beautifully despite me having failed the read the instructions properly (or at all)!

I rarely have blog photos of me ‘in the wild’ as Mr Jane Makes is not the most willing of photographers.  However, I had my sister on hand on Sunday morning and she was more enthusiastic!  She was rather unsympathetic about my concerns at all the bees buzzing around me but she certainly made an effort.  The hydrangeas in my mother’s garden have now been re-named hyjanegas – I do seem to be emerging from the middle of them in one of the photos!

I’m so pleased with this dress.  It’s smart but comfortable and would look great in so many fabrics.  I already have ideas for other versions.  If you are one of the few people who hasn’t already used this pattern I can definitely recommend it.

I shall now move on to the next make on my ‘list’ – I’ve just not decided which one yet.  I was temporarily distracted by seeing @cathysewsstuff’s lovely Esme top when I met up with her on Saturday in The Eternal Maker.  I’ve made more than my fair share of Esme dresses but have never made a top.  I went straight home, cut one out and finished sewing it last night.  I’m wearing it today!  The fabric is from Ditto and I really like the abstract floral design.  I’ve tucked it into a denim skirt but it will also work well with jeans I think.

Sewing Group #2

Karen and I were both nervous about the second meeting of our new sewing group.  What if the first one had been a one hit wonder and nobody turned up?  We needn’t have worried.  We had another great turn out and the hall was a hive of activity!

We failed to take a single photograph but thankfully the lovely @cathysewsstuff assumed the role of official photographer.

We had crochet, sewing, embroidery, cutting out (first ever dress from a pattern) and a cosy patchwork quilt from felted sweaters.  I can’t wait to see this one finished.  Our official photographer was also making a quilt from denim and fabric scraps from some of her previous makes.  I wish I had a photograph to show you, it’s such an unusual design.

As mentioned in my last post, I cut out this pattern to take along.  I’d picked it up from the swap table at the first meeting so I was pleased to be making use of it.

I did make a quick toile from an old bed sheet to check the fit.  I went with the bust measurement because the rest of the dress skims the waist and hips.  I have to admit that if something doesn’t really work at the toile stage I usually decide it’s not for me unless all that’s required is a minor tweak here and there.  I’m in awe of people who can undertake complicated fitting manoeuvres!  I didn’t have enough fabric for the collar so will try that on another version and I decided to go for the short sleeves.

I cut out the fabric in advance and despite plenty of chatting I managed to sew all the darts (front and back), shoulder seams and make up the neck facing.  I did unpick one bust dart and re-sew it when I got home because I wasn’t 100% happy with it – but I was just being picky!  More on this pattern when I’ve finished the dress.

There was cake … these are salted caramel and chocolate cookies! There were also chocolate brownies made by Karen.


We’ve now booked dates for the sewing group for the rest of the year :

  • 9th August
  • 13th September
  • 11th October
  • 8th November
  • 13th December

Hope you can join us for all or some of these dates at St George’s Church, Cleveland Road, Chichester from 7.00 – 9.00 pm. Watch this space for details of some upcoming special events!

Taking Stock #3

Here’s the ‘final’ post on how I’m approaching my current sewing plans.  I have done a little bit of shopping since I sorted everything out so there is more planning to be done!

This is a much more subdued selection of fabric, although it was coincidental that the piles ended up as they did!

  • Up first are two plain jerseys in cream and mid-blue which both came from The Eternal Maker.  They are lovely and soft and I’m going to make two Gable tops.  This is my current all-time favourite basic top pattern.
  • I’ve made McCall’s 3830 so many times over the years that the pattern has almost disintegrated.  I’ve now traced it off to preserve it for the future.  I’m going to make a plain denim skirt with a floral lining which will be smart enough for work.  The denim is from Ditto and a really great colour and quality.
  • The next fabric is a gorgeous colour and was original bought from The Eternal Maker to make this Simplicity top to go with my Christmas skirt.  I ran out of time but I’m still keen to make this.  It will be the third version of this pattern I’ve made and when I wore one of them the other day I realised the top would work better a little shorter so that’s an alteration I will make this time.
  • Next up is a real challenge for me!  I’ve had the Moss skirt pattern for ages and have always been put off by the thought of inserting a fly zip.  I’ve decided that now I have the sewing group to back me up I can finally tackle this.
  • The photograph of the final fabric looks very strange!  It’s a narrow striped stretch cotton from The Fabric Godmother but the stripes look more like wood grain here! I’m going to make another Top 64 by Merchant & Mills.  I’ve worn the first version a lot and the pockets are brilliant!

Since the last post I’ve cut out the New Look pattern and I took it with me to last night’s sewing group.  Despite a lot of chatting I made quite good progress.  Here I am at the sewing machine wearing the sleeveless Esme dress I made VERY quickly after buying the fabric last weekend at Ditto!  Thank you to @cathysewsstuff for the photograph as I failed to take a single picture!  There will be more about the sewing group in another post.

I’ve realised there was no mention of Mr Jane Makes in my last post. He’s now signed up for the Chichester half marathon in October having been donated an entry by a friend who is now doing a half marathon in London that day!  He has embarked on his training programme, part of which involved polishing off quite a few of the cookies I baked for the sewing group last night!

Salted caramel and chocolate cookies.  They were pretty good even if I say so myself!

Taking Stock #2

Following on from my last post, here’s the second pile of fabric from my sewing room and the plans I have for it.

  • I picked up the New Look pattern from the first meeting of the new Chichester sewing group so thank you to whoever donated it.  See below for a reminder about the next meeting.  I have two possible fabrics for this dress.  The one on the left is another Lucienne Day print from the Peter Jones sale.  This one is called Serenade.  I will probably underline or line this one as the fabric is quite lightweight.  The floral fabric is a curtain remnant from C & H fabrics and has a bit of a 60s vibe which I think will work really well.  Not sure if I’ll make a toile.  Probably, I usually do.
  • The second fabric is a barkcloth which came from the Olympia Knitting & Stitching Show a couple of years ago but I can’t remember who I bought it from.  I’ve made Simplicity 1109 several times and it works well with a fabric with some structure.  I believe this fabric frays like mad which has put me off using it so far.
  • The paintbrush fabric was a vintage charity shop find for £2.  It is slightly bonkers.  The pattern is the Sew Over It Tulip Skirt when it was originally published in Simply Sewing magazine.  I’ve made it twice before but both skirts are now too big.  They are in the alterations pile and I may tackle them eventually as they are both made with fabric that I particularly like.
  • I’m well behind everyone else on the Cleo dress bandwagon but I got this pattern for my birthday from Baby J’s mum and dad so that bypassed the pattern buying embargo.  The fabric is a grey denim from Ditto.  I also have to confess to buying a loose weave denim from The Fabric Godmother on Saturday which will also become a Cleo!
  • The next photo doesn’t look much different from one in Post #1 but this fabric is a very lovely mustard/gold denim from The Fabric Godmother.  My first Brumby skirt was made from this fabric and I miss it as it no longer fits.
  • Finally, I don’t think this fabric made it into one of the piles.  It is a pair of curtains from a vintage sale that really need another wash as they are still slightly musty!  I’m going to try the Deer & Doe Chardon skirt as I’ve seen quite a few of these on IG over the last year or two and I love the pleats.

Perhaps one of these will be the fabric I cut out to take along to the next meeting of the sewing group on Wednesday 12 July – TOMORROW!  If you’d like to join us come along to St George’s Church Hall in Cleveland Road, Chichester from 7.00 – 9.00 pm.  We’d love to see you.  Here’s the report on the first meeting.


Taking Stock #1

As the joint organiser of what Karen (The Draper’s Daughter) and I hope will be a successful sewing group in Chichester I felt I should probably have a more professional/organised approach to my sewing activities.  I certainly don’t have as impressive a fabric stash as some sewists and we do generally try to keep our lives as uncluttered as possible (apart from an excessive number of bicycles and pairs of skis).  That’s not to say that I can’t be tempted which has resulted in some mis-matches between fabrics and patterns.

To that end I have taken stock of the following :

  • Patterns – TNT
  • Patterns – Unused
  • Fabric

This is with the intention of pairing fabric with suitable pattern and sticking with that plan so that I can be sure that I :

  • Use up the fabric I have
  • Make the best use of the patterns I have rather than succumbing to temptation and buying new ones
  • Pass on fabric and patterns that I’m never going to use
  • Have garments that I will actually wear

This all sounds good doesn’t it!?

I’ve spent several hours recently sorting out fabric and patterns and deciding what might work with what.  Everything has now been folded neatly and each piece of fabric paired with a pattern!  I’ve made an effort to introduce some unused patterns to the mix to give myself a bit of a challenge.  I think there are too many photographs for one post so this is Pile #1

And here’s what I’m planning to make.

  • First up is Simplicity 1609.  I’ve already made a toile of this one and was going to use my vintage Hawaiian fabric.  I’ve had second thoughts about that and the vintage fabric is currently in the ‘not sure’ pile to be reconsidered later.  The pink fabric is a Lucienne Day design called Symphony which I picked up in the Peter Jones sale a couple of years ago.  I have a feeling it was £5 a metre which really was a bargain.  It’s a lovely crisp fabric but I suspect I didn’t wash it straight away so it needs to go in the machine before I get started.
  • The next three fabrics are all going to be an Esme (from Lotte Jansdotter’s book Everyday Style).  To be honest I don’t know why I don’t use all my fabric up with this pattern as the two Esmes I have in circulation at the moment get me more compliments than anything else!  The one on the left will be a dress with sleeves, the gingham a sleeveless top and the blue ‘floral’ a sleeveless dress.
  • The daisy needlecord came from a shop in Southsea called Mells and Whimsey which I see has now closed, although I’m not sure when as I bought the fabric some time ago.  This will be an Annie A-Line Skirt – the excellent free pattern from Sew This Pattern which I’ve used many times.  I shall probably line it with the yellow fabric.
  • I can’t believe I’ve never made a Seamwork Astoria because I’ve seen so many of them on IG and I think it will be perfect as it’s a cropped length and I’m quite short!  The fabric is a mid-weight jersey in a lovely heather colour.  I’m struggling to remember where I bought it.  I think it might have been C & H Fabrics.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing it for the time being but I’m looking forward to trying the pattern.
  • Next up is another Laurel.  I love this pattern, especially with the ruffled cuff and none of my previous versions fit me any more.  The utterly amazing fabric was gifted to me by The Fabric Godmother on a recent sewing meet up.  I really want to do this one justice.
  • Finally some khaki green fabric which came from Fabworks and was also £5 a metre.  I’m really not sure about the colour so I’m going to make a new, hopefully wearable, toile of the Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen.  I have made this skirt twice before and I love the short version.  They are both too big now and I made a mess of altering one of them.  I’m going to start from scratch to get the fit right using this fabric before I cut into the mustard/gold denim which is in Pile #2

I think there’s enough in just this pile to keep me busy for a while!  I know I really don’t need any more fabric or patterns.  However …. I’m off to the Fabric Godmother’s open day tomorrow (largely for social reasons) and there will also be a flying visit to Ditto.  There is just one fabric requirement on my list.  I’ve identified that I need some neutral denim or twill to make a skirt that goes with everything.  I had two such skirts last year but both of them now swamp me and they have gone to the charity shop. Oh, and I don’t have any striped fabric at the moment which I think is a big mistake.

UPDATE : Since starting this post I’ve succumbed to the new version of La Maison Victor magazine in English and I have to make the Solange dress!  So striped tricot fabric is therefore a must.  On first reading the zip insertion instructions had me scratching my head so I’ll need to study that more carefully!