Taking Stock #1

As the joint organiser of what Karen (The Draper’s Daughter) and I hope will be a successful sewing group in Chichester I felt I should probably have a more professional/organised approach to my sewing activities.  I certainly don’t have as impressive a fabric stash as some sewists and we do generally try to keep our lives as uncluttered as possible (apart from an excessive number of bicycles and pairs of skis).  That’s not to say that I can’t be tempted which has resulted in some mis-matches between fabrics and patterns.

To that end I have taken stock of the following :

  • Patterns – TNT
  • Patterns – Unused
  • Fabric

This is with the intention of pairing fabric with suitable pattern and sticking with that plan so that I can be sure that I :

  • Use up the fabric I have
  • Make the best use of the patterns I have rather than succumbing to temptation and buying new ones
  • Pass on fabric and patterns that I’m never going to use
  • Have garments that I will actually wear

This all sounds good doesn’t it!?

I’ve spent several hours recently sorting out fabric and patterns and deciding what might work with what.  Everything has now been folded neatly and each piece of fabric paired with a pattern!  I’ve made an effort to introduce some unused patterns to the mix to give myself a bit of a challenge.  I think there are too many photographs for one post so this is Pile #1

And here’s what I’m planning to make.

  • First up is Simplicity 1609.  I’ve already made a toile of this one and was going to use my vintage Hawaiian fabric.  I’ve had second thoughts about that and the vintage fabric is currently in the ‘not sure’ pile to be reconsidered later.  The pink fabric is a Lucienne Day design called Symphony which I picked up in the Peter Jones sale a couple of years ago.  I have a feeling it was £5 a metre which really was a bargain.  It’s a lovely crisp fabric but I suspect I didn’t wash it straight away so it needs to go in the machine before I get started.
  • The next three fabrics are all going to be an Esme (from Lotte Jansdotter’s book Everyday Style).  To be honest I don’t know why I don’t use all my fabric up with this pattern as the two Esmes I have in circulation at the moment get me more compliments than anything else!  The one on the left will be a dress with sleeves, the gingham a sleeveless top and the blue ‘floral’ a sleeveless dress.
  • The daisy needlecord came from a shop in Southsea called Mells and Whimsey which I see has now closed, although I’m not sure when as I bought the fabric some time ago.  This will be an Annie A-Line Skirt – the excellent free pattern from Sew This Pattern which I’ve used many times.  I shall probably line it with the yellow fabric.
  • I can’t believe I’ve never made a Seamwork Astoria because I’ve seen so many of them on IG and I think it will be perfect as it’s a cropped length and I’m quite short!  The fabric is a mid-weight jersey in a lovely heather colour.  I’m struggling to remember where I bought it.  I think it might have been C & H Fabrics.  I don’t think I’ll be wearing it for the time being but I’m looking forward to trying the pattern.
  • Next up is another Laurel.  I love this pattern, especially with the ruffled cuff and none of my previous versions fit me any more.  The utterly amazing fabric was gifted to me by The Fabric Godmother on a recent sewing meet up.  I really want to do this one justice.
  • Finally some khaki green fabric which came from Fabworks and was also £5 a metre.  I’m really not sure about the colour so I’m going to make a new, hopefully wearable, toile of the Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen.  I have made this skirt twice before and I love the short version.  They are both too big now and I made a mess of altering one of them.  I’m going to start from scratch to get the fit right using this fabric before I cut into the mustard/gold denim which is in Pile #2

I think there’s enough in just this pile to keep me busy for a while!  I know I really don’t need any more fabric or patterns.  However …. I’m off to the Fabric Godmother’s open day tomorrow (largely for social reasons) and there will also be a flying visit to Ditto.  There is just one fabric requirement on my list.  I’ve identified that I need some neutral denim or twill to make a skirt that goes with everything.  I had two such skirts last year but both of them now swamp me and they have gone to the charity shop. Oh, and I don’t have any striped fabric at the moment which I think is a big mistake.

UPDATE : Since starting this post I’ve succumbed to the new version of La Maison Victor magazine in English and I have to make the Solange dress!  So striped tricot fabric is therefore a must.  On first reading the zip insertion instructions had me scratching my head so I’ll need to study that more carefully!


11 thoughts on “Taking Stock #1

    • My big mess is all the smaller bits of fabric that inhang on to! They are all in boxes and baskets and really need to be sorted out and turned into something useful! This is unlikely to happen!!


    • Thank you Kate. I just wish there were more hours in the day – or less work! Your new sewing room is looking fabulous by the way. You are such a talented pair!


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  2. Argh! I’m so behind in my blog reading! I enjoyed reading this post. I bet you’re really excited about your sewing plans – I am! Can’t wait to see them all!

    Liked by 1 person

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