Desert Island Patterns #3

Although I wear jeans (usually from a charity shop) at the weekend and at home I don’t make trousers and never wear them to work.   Not only am I short but I have VERY short legs and I think I look more in proportion when I wear skirts and dresses.

I have a number of favourite skirt patterns but my most used is probably the Annie A-Line Skirt pattern from Sew This Pattern and is #3 in my Desert Island Patterns list.  I don’t really have the patience for complicated pdfs but this one is very quick to assemble and has the added bonus of being FREE!  Thank you Annie.

The instructions are excellent with lots of clear photographs and this would be the perfect pattern for a beginner.   One of my main reasons for liking it – and using it so much – is that it’s a great vehicle for a bold fabric!  I also really like the bias bound finish on the waistband facing which gives a lovely neat edge.  Unless a waistband is wide I find skirts with facings far more comfortable if I’m sitting at my desk all day.

I’m not sure there’s much more I can say about this pattern as it’s such a simple one but it’s well worth a try if you’re looking for a straightforward and very useful A-Line Skirt pattern which doesn’t use much fabric.  It doesn’t require much sewing time either so it’s a great opportunity to focus on a neat finish.

Annie has some other lovely patterns to try.   The Daphne Day Dress would make a nice party frock.  I wasn’t keen on the open back version but she has now added a pattern extension to fill in the gap.

Here’s a selection of the A-line skirt versions I’ve made so far.  I usually add a lining, although the stripe is the reverse of a denim from Cloth Kits.  The yellow and blue floral was a length of African print fabric I bought from Tinsmiths.  These are worth looking at as they work out at around £5 a metre.  I shared mine with two other people as I really didn’t need 5 metres!  The rest of the fabrics are curtain remnants from C & H Fabrics.

I currently have one more Annie lined up to make with some fine needlecord but there will definitely be more.  It was going to have a yellow cotton lining but as it’s now going to be worn in the cooler weather I will line it with something more slippery so it doesn’t catch on my tights.  Talking of tights … I succumbed to wearing them yesterday and I’ll be heading over to Gypsy Tights soon to order a new supply.  This is not a sponsored post – I just think they have a great selection!  I’m very tempted by some of the colours – especially Fig, Cyclamen and Gunmetal.  I also want the Warm Mustard ones but last time I bought Mustard tights I felt they made my legs look a bit like they were recovering from a bad bruise!

Stay tuned for further Desert Island Patterns!


17 thoughts on “Desert Island Patterns #3

  1. It’s a funny one, I used to only wear skirts and now it’s trousers or jeans??
    I remember the feeling of the catchy tights on linings and I think you’re right in you’re decision, it is annoying!
    I love your skirts and have never ever noticed the short legs!

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    • Thank you! My legs are ridiculous short but I’m glad to hear that you’ve not noticed it! I used to wear trousers more but since I’ve sewed for myself I’ve realised I’m more comfortable in skirts and dresses. Dresses in particularly because they make getting ready for work so much quicker!


  2. It’s brilliant when you find patterns like this that you like to make over & over. That buss bound finish on the facing is lovely. I’m currently making a pencil skirt with a facing bit trying to decide how to attach the lining to zip & split. Thanks so much for that link – they have some brilliant colours of tights!

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  3. I’ve always thought how lovely your skirt makes look – i am very tall and have always envied shorter women. And thanks for all the links – Tinsmiths looks lovely. And fancy Clothkits still going strong – I loved making some of their patterns in the ’80s for the children.

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    • Thank you! I’ve always been quite happy being short and I very rarely wear heels. It’s much easier when you make your own clothes because you can cut them to fit rather than having to turn everything up. Tinsmiths is a lovely shop, I did a lot of Christmas shopping in there one year. And Clothkits is right here in Chichester! They sell the kits but also lots of fabric and haberdashery and they run classes too.

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    • Thank you! I shall check out that post. It’s funny – I always change into jeans when I get home from work and usually wear them at the weekend but I automatically reach for skirts and dresses for work. Perhaps I should try making some perfect trousers!

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  4. Jane, thank you so much for these posts, I am really enjoying your version of Desert Island Discs!

    When you wrote about the Annie A-line skirts some months ago I decided to print out the PDF more out of curiosity than anything else as the thought of all the faffing around made my head spin! (It’s very generous of Annie to share her pattern.) Although the number of PDF sheets was daunting it turned out to be quite an easy project once I looked at it properly. I have the pattern ready and I have the fabric, now to actually DO something with them would be nice. I think I spend way too much time thinking about these things.

    I love your skirts so much and even though the skirt pattern is the same, each skirt has such an individual character due to your eye for gorgeous and fun fabric patterns. You must get lots of compliments.

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    • Thank you so much Kerry! You really must have a go at the Annie skirt – it really is a straightforward make – especially if you already have the pattern and fabric ready to make it! Happy sewing!


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