A Year in Review and Future Plans

Happy New Year!

I hadn’t planned to write a review of 2017 but decided it was a good way to motivate me to move forward and get on with 2018.

Last year had a major high and a major low.  The year started with an all time low when I lost my lovely dad.  I can’t believe nearly a year has passed since that awful day and I still think think about him and miss him every day.

Moving on to what would have been his 87th birthday which saw the arrival of Baby J – the year’s absolute highlight.  She is clearly the most beautiful baby ever as you can see!  I wish I could say I’d knitted that Christmas hat but it was made by her mum’s mum who is a brilliant knitter.  I bought her a book of knitted hat patterns for Christmas so Baby J is now sorted for hats until she’s a teenager!  The pink rabbit hat is the first one off the needles.  A strong look which I think she carries off very well!

I’ve loved sewing for her and will be writing a separate blog post about these patterns.

Mr Jane Makes continues to run at every opportunity last year and apart from the weekly park run (plus two extra ones on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – in the mud) he completed two half marathons and a 10 mile run.  Last Saturday would have been his 50th park run but the course was waterlogged so the event was cancelled.

I did do some sewing for me, aided by ChiStitch, the sewing group I set up with Karen from The Draper’s Daughter.  This was definitely a 2017 highlight and we’ve been so pleased with the response we’ve had.  The first meeting of 2018 is on Wednesday 10 January and everyone is welcome.  We meet in St George’s Church Hall, Cleveland Road, Chichester from 7.00 – 9.00 pm.  We have cake at our meetings and I’m hoping to make some scissor shaped cookies for this week.  The cutter is from REfound and strangely was one of my most popular posts on Instagram last year!  I only discovered that when I re-ran my #bestnine at the end of the year.

I seem to have kept things very simple last year with several Cleo and Esme dresses along with a Strand Coat, the excellent Gable top, a couple of Merchant and Mills patterns and a very flowery dress.

So what’s on the table for 2018?  More of the same because I make what I know I will enjoy wearing.  There will also be more small clothes for Baby J.  I’m planning to work through some of the fabric I already have in stock because why did I buy it if I wasn’t going to use it?!  I have however just bought two new patterns – both by Nina Lee.  I’ve seen lots of lovely versions of the Carnaby and Southbank Dresses and I think they will both fit into my wardrobe very well.

I also want to try and recreate this dress which I saw in Cos recently.  I’ve never sewn with corduroy and it would mean buying new fabric but worth it for those huge pockets!

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s round up posts and plans for this year.  So many of you are signed up to challenges but I’ve decided not to commit to anything at the moment as work is very busy and I don’t want to put myself under pressure and spoil my sewing enjoyment.  Happy sewing!


9 thoughts on “A Year in Review and Future Plans

  1. I’m with you on trying to use fabric I already have because I must have liked it when I bought it – although, when I look at some of it I wonder why.
    I would love to have a baby to make clothes for – both sewn and knitted – but my daughters won’t oblige. I adore that little mustard coloured Frenchie dress.
    I haven’t been following you for long so I hadn’t seen the post but I love the grey skirt you are wearing in the second to last photo. Is that one of your makes or was it the top, which is also lovely.
    I’m sorry about your Dad – I lost my Mum just before Christmas so haven’t had time to enjoy many high points since. I still keep thinking about phoning her when stuff happens that I know she’d like to hear about.

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    • I must say it is lovely to have a baby to sew for, I’m very lucky! It’s so hard to get one’s head round losing a parent isn’t it. I’m so sorry about your mum. I often think that I wish I could tell my dad something or ask him a question. The skirt in the second to last photo is actually denim – and me-made. I can’t remember the pattern but I’ll look it up and let you know. It’s a nice pattern to sew once you’ve got your head around the pleats. It has an exposed zip but I have also made it with a concealed one.

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  2. Thanks for an interesting round up and sympathies, again, for the loss of your dad. Mine died of cancer in 2001 at jus 56 – hitting 50 myself in a couple of months makes me very aware of my mortality! I often think “What would dad do?” in answer to a question. X

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  3. I am so glad I got a chance to meet you in person in 2017! My new year resolution is to see more of my friends, both old ones as well as sewing online ones, so I hope we will have more chances to meet (very jealous of your sewing group). I hope all your sewing plans come true! (and well impressed with your husband, I am vaguely contemplating a couch to 5k, but a bit daunted).


    • I’m so glad we met up too! It is much nicer when you’ve actually seen someone face-to-face. The sewing group is great fun and I’ve met several new people through it which is lovely. Mr J-M is amazing! He’d never run before, although he’s always been a keen cyclist. I used to run years ago but gave it up. Not sure I’ll ever take it up again but I hope you have a go!

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