Belated Thoughts on Me-Made-May

This week has been a bit hectic so my thoughts on Me-Made-May are a bit late.

My original pledge was to wear one me-made item on at least three days a week and to add one new item to my me-made wardrobe each week.  I didn’t want to be too ambitious because I really didn’t think I had enough things to make a daily commitment possible.  I’m pleased to say that I exceeded my own expectations by wearing something me-made every day apart from two Sundays when I just grabbed the first thing that came to hand.  There were quite a few repeats but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and I was generally very happy with what I was wearing each day.  Although I hadn’t really planned it, I also managed to avoid buying any ready made clothes for the whole month.

I think my favourite/most useful items during the month, apart from the new things below were my floral frock, a stretch shirting top which goes with lots of my skirts  and a chambray skirt (not pictured) I’d stopped wearing because the fabric had shrunk in the wash but the lining hadn’t.  A five minute fix was all it took.

Floral Dress Vertical Striped Top

I added the following to my wardrobe either by sewing new garments, finishing half-completed projects or adapting previous makes.

I found the whole process quite inspiring and have definitely been encouraged to expand my efforts on the me-made front.  I’ve realised there are a lot of gaps in my skills (and wardrobe) and I need to be more ambitious and confident – particularly in trying new patterns rather than sticking with the ones I know will work.  I’ve now got my Grainline Morris Blazer pattern and hopefully I can get my head round that over the next few days.  Having looked at the images I’ve just included I think I need to inject some more colour so perhaps this green ponte from Guthrie and Ghani will be the answer for the blazer.

I’m making progress on the self-drafted shell/vest top.  Rather impatiently I used some expensive (but really lovely) jersey from Clothkits to make the first ‘proper’ toile and I really should have waited for the cheap and cheerful jersey I’d ordered from Tissu Fabrics to arrive, which it did this morning.  It was a bargain at £3.99 a metre.  However, the top is coming along and I think this attempt is wearable, although the fit under the arm isn’t quite right yet.  Just the hem to go.  I really want to take it up a bit at the shoulders to raise the neckline (and hopefully improve the fit under the arm) and then I think it will be almost perfect.  I’m not sure if I’ll mess this one around or make the changes to the next version.

Stripy Vest

Having spent some time on the Guthrie & Ghani website the other evening I discovered that they sell espadrille soles.  I really want to make my own espadrilles!   I have quite small feet and can never get them to fit properly.  I don’t know how I missed Lauren’s blog post last year but hers look great and they only use a very small amount of fabric.  Given that Boden are now charging £60 for theirs I think these are well worth a go.

Have a good weekend!