Life Laundry and a Giveaway

I’ll start by thanking everyone for their good wishes for Mr Jane Makes’ recovery.  He’s making great progress and the diet is working, a belt is now required on his shorts!  He’s supposed to have a daily walk but is also back on his mountain bike for a gentle ride down the road.  In my opinion the roller blades should wait a bit longer!

The life laundry project continues following my recent wardrobe cull and ironing fest.  During my sewing plan planning exercise (yet to be completed and implemented) I carefully reviewed my pattern collection.  It’s not extensive but there are a good number that have never been used or even opened.  I decided to be ruthless, particularly as I’ve just signed up to a subscription to Seamwork magazine so there will be more patterns coming along in the future!

I’m a big fan of Tilly’s Coco pattern and there are several Cocos in my wardrobe to prove it.  As a result I was tempted into buying another pattern for a top, the Orla.  I’ve seen some lovely examples of this made up, not least by Becky at Back to Blighty, and Becca over at Redwsews who even got personalised advice from Tilly on her hemline when we were at the Knitting & Stitching Show earlier this year.


Sadly, I know I’m not going to make this top –  it’s just not quite my style.  Absolutely nothing against Tilly’s patterns and her book, Love at First Stitch, is single-handedly responsible for teaching me to insert an invisible zip without supervision.

The upshot of this is that I’m going to give this pattern away to someone who will make use of it.  It is pristine and unopened and I’ll throw in one of these zips, also bought from Tilly, which are exactly the right size for the exposed zip at the back of the Orla.

Just leave a comment below (saying which colour zip you’d like) and a name will be pulled out of the hat on Monday 18 July.  Please feel free to bid on someone else’s behalf if you’ve already got the pattern yourself!

There may be more giveaways in the future as life is streamlined further to free up time and space for the important stuff!

Life Laundry Weekend

I was distracted from sewing this weekend by some cupboard tidying. My linen cupboard is now so organised that I was almost tempted to take a photograph of the lovely neat pile of towels and sheets! I also cleared out half the book cupboard and now have three black sacks of paperbacks to donate to the charity shop. I’ve been hanging onto them for years but I know I will never read them again and it is great to have cleared a space.

This led me on to a quick tidy up in my sewing room. Nothing got thrown away but I did discover this spotty fabric which I had completely forgotten about. It came from Clothkits in Chichester and is a block printed double gauze fabric. It is very lightweight and also very see-through so I will definitely be lining it.

The actual fabric is a bit blotchier than it looks on the website and there are some unprinted areas which will need to be avoided. I’m not really sure why I bought it but at that price I’m not wasting it!

I will be making a very simple skirt to show off the spots to best advantage and this McCall’s pattern is a favourite because it can be made up very quickly. In fact after the first ever episode of The Great British Sewing Bee I actually timed myself making this skirt to see if I could do it within the time limit they were given to complete an A-line skirt – it think it was two hours. I did manage it, without a lining, and it was wearable. However, it did make me realise that I would never want to take part in any competitive sewing!

This is my Me-Made-May item today. It is the above pattern in striped linen which is lined but unfortunately this makes no difference to the amount it scrunches up after a day at my desk. I was also somewhat optimistic about the weather today and ditched the tights – which I’m rather regretting now.

 McCalls 3830 Striped Linen Skirt

One more Morsebag (number 15) made last thing yesterday because I felt bad about not sewing anything all weekend. It isn’t really this tiny, just folded up, but I thought a small version could be rather fun.

 Morsbag 15

Thanks for the lovely and encouraging comments about the unfinished Brighton Pavilion dress. I won’t let you down.