Blog Inspiration

I had several new posts drafted over the Christmas break about lovely festive baking and handmade decorations amongst other things – all ready to publish in the New Year.  Then disaster struck! My mother fell and broke her ankle very badly on the morning of New Year’s Eve and since then my sister and I have been juggling work with looking after our parents and writing this blog has not been a priority.

On days when I think that things are all a bit too much I turn to a lovely blog, Little Cotton Rabbits, written by an inspiring lady called Julie. She has a son who is severely autistic and her passion for knitting helps sustain her through the difficult times. Everything she knits and crochets is beautiful and she also sells a range of patterns for, amongst other things, perfect little animals with their own outfits.

Weeks ago I started crocheting some squares for a blanket, sadly abandoned at the moment, and Julie’s most recent post has left me feeling very inadequate. How does she manage to do all that along with everything else?

I’ve photographed my blanket folded up to disguise the fact that it is not yet an impressive size but it does look rather nice with my general colour scheme.

On the sewing front I have some great fabric, a very fine needlecord, that I bought from Mells & Whimsey in Southsea recently and I was determined to make a start on a skirt for the Spring over the weekend.

I didn’t actually do anything but press the fabric and take a photograph of it but I did finally get around to re-lining a skirt I made weeks (possibly months) ago from a bright blue boiled wool I bought from Ditto in Brighton.  The original lining fabric disintegrated along the seam lines the first time I sat down in it and I couldn’t face dealing with it at the time.  A second skirt lined with the same dodgy fabric is now half way to having a replacement lining so that will be two new skirts to wear to work this week.