Party Frock and Cupcakes

I wore the Brighton Pavilion dress to the party on Saturday night! It was a brave move as we were initially in the garden and it wasn’t the warmest of nights. I survived until about 9.00 pm (with a little black cardigan) until we moved indoors. It is a very comfortable wear and a third version of this frock may well be on the cards. It was much admired but I think that was mostly because the birthday girl told just about everyone that I’d made it myself so people didn’t really have much choice but to be nice about it!

My contribution to the evening was some Tiramisu Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery’s book “Cake Days”.   Here’s a version of the recipe on their blog. I’ve made them before and they are delicious. I don’t even like the taste of coffee but I’ll eat one of these!  Well worth the effort although they do require an investment in a bottle of Kahlua.

Another amazing and alcohol-based creation was the Pimms birthday cake made by my friend’s daughter. This was the second time I’d tasted it and this one was even better than the last. I’m afraid I don’t have the actual recipe she used but I think it must be along the lines of this one.

W was back from How The Light Gets In on Saturday morning resulting in less sewing done this weekend apart from finishing the last four Morsbags. These were a bit repetitive as somehow I’d left four to be made from the same fabric until last. I varied things slightly by making two with the stripes horizontal and two vertical and they look perfect for transporting a picnic to the beach.

Morsbags 17, 18, 19 & 20

The latest tally is :

  • Morsbags made :              20
  • Morsbags given away :   17

The final three are already allocated (SB, if you are reading this one of them is yours!)

I’m also working on a self-drafted pattern for a shell/vest top which I can make in assorted colours for the summer which is supposed to arrive at the end of the week.   This is based on an existing woven top but the new one will be in jersey. This is not something I am used to doing and the first attempt was ENORMOUS but that can be resolved. The only other garment I have self-drafted was several years ago when I tried to replicate a linen panelled skirt that I had worn to death and really loved. The fit was not quite right and I ended up giving it to a charity shop. I then bumped into someone wearing it who was absolutely thrilled with her purchase and I wished I hadn’t given it away! I’ve lost the pattern I made and an off-the-shelf one I tried just wasn’t the same so I may have to have another go at this.

W went off to Germany this morning (is he ever at home you may well ask?!) so I have a couple of free evenings to carry on with the shell top exercise.  I’ve also ordered the Grainline Morris Blazer pattern from Guthrie & Ghani and am looking forward to the online tutorial starting today.  Here’s a possible fabric choice.