Top 64

Once upon a time I commented on an IG post by Karen from The Draper’s Daughter and as a result we met up IRL and became friends!  Karen is a stockist for Merchant & Mills and having seen her version of the Top 64 I bought the pattern.  It sat in the waiting to be made pile for months but after spotting Sal’s top on IG (@sewingunlimited)  I was finally inspired to get on with it.  I had a remnant of a crinkly fabric with a tiny stripe from C & H Fabrics which I thought I’d try for the first attempt.

I was particularly keen on the pockets hidden within the front horizontal seam and the raglan sleeves which are made up of two separate pieces (i.e. front and back).

I do like the utilitarian packaging and presentation of Merchant & Mills patterns, although I think the illustrations may not be sufficient for a complete beginner (and I spotted a typo on the envelope!).  I traced off the Size 8 and made no initial adjustments even though I knew the sleeves would be way too long on me.  Everything came together very easily, especially the pockets, although I didn’t follow the instruction to secure the pockets down the back of the garment.  Instead I marked the stitch line on the front with chalk and used that as my guideline for top stitching.  I did end up with a rogue triangle of fabric sticking up at the top of the sleeve – I mentioned this to Sal and she didn’t have the same problem so I had clearly done something wrong.  My remedy was to chop it off, add the neck facing and pretend it hadn’t happened!

I was right about the length of the sleeves!  Here’s the finished garment before hemming.  The sleeves extended way beyond the ends of my fingers!

I prefer three-quarter length sleeves even in the winter so in the end I shortened them by about 20 cms.

This wasn’t the best fabric.  It doesn’t press that well and didn’t appreciate having iron on interfacing attached to it but, despite that, I think it worked really well for this top.  I wore it for the sewing meet-up previously blogged and it is so comfortable to wear.  My favourite thing is definitely the pockets.  I noticed a photograph of a dress version in the pattern details on the website which isn’t mentioned on the pattern itself.  I definitely think that would be worth a try.  I made a feature of the cross stitch used to secure the facing to the garment on the shoulder and back seam using embroidery thread which I really like.

Another pattern I’d recommend and next time I’ll aim get the top of the sleeve right!