Blog Envy

I follow quite a few other craft, sewing and food blogs and I often see things that make me realise how limited my skills are! This bag from Trish Stitched is absolutely fabulous. She is so talented. I really love the clock fabric lining.

You should also check out Tilly’s polka dot version of her new Arielle skirt if you haven’t seen it already. I really like the way the lining is incorporated in this pattern.

My new denim skirt is finished and I am wearing it today with this shirt from Topshop. I’m only showing the shirt because looking at its construction has convinced me that I could make something similar from the stretch shirting I bought the other day.  I was disappointed because the concealed zip in the skirt didn’t go in as well as previous ones but it is amazing what some serious pressing and steaming can achieve and hopefully most people don’t study one’s rear end too closely! I was going to line the skirt but decided to try it without as I can always add one later. So far it is proving very comfortable so I think I’ll leave it as it is.

So far I’m ahead of my Me-Made-May pledge as I’ve worn something handmade every day and the above denim skirt is my make for this week. I wore the grey, part cashmere, top yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Another comfortable make.

Grey Top Finished

I also managed to make four more Morsbags on Tuesday evening (and very early morning on Wednesday) so I was able to give them away that day. Only six more to go.  Here’s the latest batch.

Morsbags 11, 12, 13 & 14

All this is really a distraction activity to avoid having to finish the Brighton Pavilion dress ……

Unfinished Dress

I think I might be more inspired if the weather warmed up.

A Morsebag Challenge

I have been looking for a project to motivate me in my creative activities and I noticed when choosing my bedtime listening the other day that there was a Woman’s Hour broadcast entitled “A Celebration of Craft”. One of the items featured Claire Morsman who set up Morsbags to encourage people to make fabric bags and distribute them for free to try and reduce the proliferation of plastic bags.

Claire had completed a challenge to make a bag a day during March so I decided I would challenge myself to sort out all the non-dressmaking fabric lurking under the table in my work room and create some bags. There are full instructions on the website, including a short video.

Where did all this fabric come from? Offcuts from curtains, samples, gifts from people who thought I might be able to “do something with it”, over-enthusiasm at the cutting table when IKEA opened in Southampton and, mainly, leftovers from previous bag and cushion making activities where I have bought far more than was actually required!  Here’s one I prepared earlier.

I also have some offcuts of the reprinted Lucienne Day fabric, Calyx, which I was given. I might use some on one or two Morsbags so whoever gets those will be very lucky! I wish I could wear this fabric.

IMG_1916Perhaps I could make a skirt? What I am really coveting is this fabric used by Trish at Trish Stitched. It is fabulous.

Claire at Morsbags doesn’t make anything out of the project and just asks that makers sew a Morsbags label onto each bag to help spread the word. These only cost 5p each and I have ordered 20 to get me started. They won’t arrive until next week as Claire is currently away. She didn’t know when the programme would be broadcast and has been inundated with enquiries which is great.

I’ve decided to cut out all 20 bags before the labels arrive and last night I did seven. I’m determined to use up some of the smaller pieces of fabric so some time will be taken up joining these together. The bag is a bit larger than I had imagined and will certainly hold plenty of shopping.

Here’s some of the first batch awaiting construction.


 I’ll let you know how I get on.   Thanks to those of you who liked and commented on my last post. I can’t really get my head round the fact that people actually look at what I write!