#StitchingSanta 2016


Having signed up for Sewchet‘s #stitchingsanta again this year I was determined to be organised and plan my sewing well in advance. However ……. despite the early good intentions I still ended up finishing everything off at the last minute so I’m relieved to know that my parcel has arrived.

Wrapping everything up focused my mind on this year’s gift wrapping theme.  Yes, I always have a theme!  I really LOVE wrapping presents even if I do end up ‘cutting and sticking’ into the early hours.  I try to use up supplies I already have – and always use plain brown paper for the basic wrapping.  This year I wanted to include black and white stripes but, believe me, there was no black and white striped wrapping paper to be had around here apart from some tissue paper from Paperchase which I decided would have to do.   I’ve also bought a few lengths of ribbon and some pink tissue.

I never seem to be in my house during daylight hours at the moment so these photos are rather poor but I think the black, white and pink theme is pretty obvious!

There was only a tiny length of that butterfly trim left from a previous project so my recipient is very lucky!  Stamping shapes out of paper is SO satisfying.  I just wish I’d found the gadget given to me as a present years ago which corrugates paper and card before I wrapped these up.  It’s brilliant and I’m corrugating everything now!

The purchased gifts were scissor-related so I printed a gift tag to match.


I hope everything is well received.  It’s quite nerve-racking sewing for people who sew!

This will be my last post in 2106 so thank you for all your likes, comments and encouragement.  I hope everyone has a Very Happy Christmas and here’s to a creative 2017.

16 thoughts on “#StitchingSanta 2016

  1. I love your wrapping! All your presents look too good to open! I’ve not thought of using the brown paper then adding contrasting colours. I might do that with some of my pressies I’ve still to wrap!
    I know what you mean about sewing for a sewer, I ended up crocheting one of my pressies which wasn’t as nerve wracking!
    Happy Christmas!! 😘

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  2. Oh Jane, a woman after my own heart! I love your creativeness in wrapping each gift a little differently while keeping to a theme. I also like to use brown wrapping paper as it makes a great canvas for the fun bit. I also use white butcher’s paper, especially for Christmas, to which I love to add red remnants of Christmas paper and various ribbons. This year my theme (I haven’t even started wrapping and it’s Christmas Eve here in Australia) will be very simple. I am planning to use white paper, coarse twine and brown Christmas gift tags. No colour which is unusual for me. Best thing is I know which gifts are mine to give out from under the tree!

    Jane, thank you so much for your generosity with your blog posts and Instagram, in what has been a very busy year for you. I have really enjoyed seeing your various projects but especially your choices of fabrics! Have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Kerry


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