Charity Shop Finds & a Vivienne Westwood Giveaway!

I had a really successful tour of Chichester’s charity shops last week.  The first discovery was a boiled wool cardigan/jacket by Edina Ronay from the Cat Protection League.  I managed to see past the hideous (in my view) embroidered butterfly in the front executed in thick black wool.  I forgot to take a photograph I was so keen to unpick it!  Thankfully the holes left behind disappeared when it was washed.


Next up was a Ralph Lauren cotton cable knit from Oxfam.  According to the ticket this was shortly destined for their textile recycling centre and I’m assuming this was because the sleeve seam on one arm had come apart.  It took a couple of minutes to fix!

The final find was in the Cancer Research shop.  I was pretty sure from the start that this wasn’t going to fit me but I just couldn’t leave it behind!  It’s a (hopefully genuine) Vivienne Westwood Anglomania blouse in a crisp striped cotton with a nice collar and an interesting sleeve construction with ties.  It has washed and pressed nicely.  The size appears to have been cut out of it but I guess it’s an 8.  The top half fits me but once we get down to the fifth button it is somewhat corset-like making breathing/eating/sitting out of the question.  If I had a rib or two removed it would be fine!  I’d love it to go to a good home so if it would fit you or someone you know just leave a comment below by midnight on Wednesday 3 February and the winner will be picked out of the hat on Thursday morning.

35 thoughts on “Charity Shop Finds & a Vivienne Westwood Giveaway!

  1. That’s what I would call a good day out! I also would have unpicked the embroidered butterfly, I can imagine your hurry and forgetting about the photo. Both very lovely finds. I would love to enter the draw, it might fit me, but would certainly fit my teenage daughter, she has a tiny waist!?

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  2. Hi Janey , I would also love to be entered into the shirt competition as I am a size 8 (no booing in the back row please) and would cherish it. However before you part with it have you considered opening the side seams and adding some width to it. You could use a stripe but placed horizontally so it looks deliberate. I am sure Dame Viv would approve.

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  3. What a great day you had. I wonder if I can persuade my hubby to take a trip along the coast to Chichester? The blouse would not fit me but it would fit my niece and she is just about to return to work so it would be very welcome. Thank you.

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  4. I love the pattern on the sweater and think I will steal it (minus the polo neck) as i am looking to knit a sweater in off-white.Lucky you coming up with such great finds. Last year I did manage to find a really giant cup (more like a bowl with a handle) in a charity shop in Tiverton after giving up trying to find something big enough in the ordinary shops to replace a beloved breakfat so perhaps I should find the time to look..

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    • Glad you like the sweater. I’m not a fan of polo necks and did think about unpicking it but decided against it! I can definitely recommend regular searches of charity shops – there are always bargains to be found!


  5. You have found some wonderful things in the charity shops. I love it when something can just be fixed up and saved from being rags.
    Not entering the giveaway, thankyou – I would need more than a couple of ribs removing!

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  6. Love the little jacket and would have loved to see the butterfly, too, but I appreciate how desperate you were to get rid! The blouse would suit my daughter perfectly so please enter me on that basis:)

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