It’s A Wrap!

I had so many plans for innovative Christmas wrapping this year including making some cornstarch dough labels I’d seen on Pinterest.  HA HA HA!   In the end I only just managed to get my cards in the post by the final posting date!

What I did achieve was around an 85% success rate with my pledge to restrict present buying to local or independent shops.  This was assisted by the shopping opportunities around Tewkesbury and Lyme Regis, a trip to London with W’s girls and and couple of vintage fairs.    Clothkits in Chichester was the source of my #stitchingsanta gift.  My own #stitchingsanta parcel has arrived which is very exciting!

I did have to resort to ‘the high street’ for a few things but this year there wasn’t the usual regular arrival of brown cardboard boxes in my office from a well-known online retailer!

Despite the lack of handcrafted cornstarch labels, after two midnight finishes I have finally (almost) completed the gift wrapping.  This is something I really enjoy doing, I just wish I hadn’t left it so late.   I’m a big fan of plain brown paper so stuck with that again this year and invested in a small amount of fancier wrapping paper to brighten things up.   I’ve stuck to red and white spots, checks and stripes for the theme and all the ribbon used will be recycled!

The big fabric bows are from a remnant which I tore into strips – strangely satisfying!

What’s on your Christmas list?  On the sewing front I’ve asked Santa for a walking foot for my sewing machine and a learn to use your overlocker course at The Fabric Godmother!

This will be my last post before Christmas so I hope everyone has a very happy time.  See you in the New Year!



10 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap!

  1. The presents look lovely, and well done on the success of your shopping pledge – I’m afraid I did resort to t’interweb – but it’s not so pleasurable as buying things from real independent shops. Have a good one x

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  2. Have a very lovely Christmas. Your gifts look lovely! Get practising on that overlocker and just use up all your scraps, just think of it as a glorified sewing machine, with a cutter, that will make your sewing so much easier!


  3. I love the idea of shopping independent shops! Your gifts look lovely wrapped up. I’ve decided that in order for me to fit in all these lovely, handmade Christmas projects&ideas I have, I would have to start in January! I don’t think that’s going to happen though.. Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas 🙂

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